How to get the dolphin skin trend

No animals were harmed in this glow up

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / August 21 2020

When you read the phrase ‘Dolphin Skin’ what comes to mind? Now, before you start describing the beginnings of a disturbing Seaworld expose, remember we are working in the sphere of beauty here. Before we scare you too much, let us explain...

Dolphin Skin is in fact a trendy little term for a very specific type of sheen that combines the effects of good skin care, glass-finish highlighters and radiant illuminators that give skin a lit-from-within glowy gleam that rivals the enviable iridescent wet-look  our sea-faring friends the dolphin are known for.

Now, how can I get skin like a water-bound mammal I hear you say? Sis, do not even worry because we have got you and all of your niche highlighting needs sorted. 

First things first, sussing out your base. If you want to get really serious about that glass finish we suggest reaching for skin care with clarifying, brightening and radiance-enhancing qualities, but otherwise a hydrating primer that leaves skin looking plump and dewy should do the trick.

The trick to mastering dolphin skin is lightly layering your highlighting products for that natural dewy finish but when it comes to what products you need to use, there really aren’t any rules: creamy blush and a face gloss your vibe? Great. More into mixing an illuminator into your tinted moisturiser and a strobe highlighter on the high points of your face? That’s cool too. 

This really is a play your way type of trend. So go forth, get creative and gleam  like the wet dolphin in the sun you are. 

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Main image credit: @namvo

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