Gigi Hadid's makeup artist just doubled her lip size in 3 steps

And no, “get filler” isn’t one of ‘em

Digital Beauty Editor / August 20 2020

Unless you were naturally blessed by the full lip fairy, adding plumpness to your pout generally involves a fair bit of pain.

Whether it's going as far as fillers (effective, but ouch) or even swiping on a plumping gloss that takes the scenic route to fullness along 'my lips feel like they're on fire' boulevard, enhancing your lip volume levels isn't usually an easy or particularly pleasant process. Not ideal for those of us with wildly low pain thresholds, huh?

So, how do you dial up the fullness sans discomfort? A little makeup magic, of course. Luckily for us (and our thin, sensitive smackers), celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons just shared her 3-step secret solution for faking fuller lips in minutes with nothing but your makeup bag on hand.

Get ready to plump up your pout, no numbing cream necessary. And just in case you're still skeptical, these are the kind of impressive results you can expect...



Step 1: Powder

"As you can see my lips are so much smaller without the lip liner and the gloss," Parsons explains. "In order to achieve that fullness I always start with a bit of full coverage powder and I completely blank out the entire lip. [Then] you’re a blank canvas and you’re ready for lip liner."

Step 2: Liner

“I sharpen the lip pencil [first] so I always get a perfect point, [and then] I start by creating a ‘V’ at the cupid’s bow [but a few millimeters] over the lip," Parsons advises. "Then I’ll just connect from here to here,” she says, pointing from the ‘V’ shape in the centre to the outer corners. “[You want to] slightly overline the outside of your lip, going on top [and below the natural lip line], and [then] connect it [all together to form the outline]."

"[As far as filling in], add more lip liner [on the sides] but keep the centre open so it’s the lightest part of the lip. Bringing the liner in [but] leaving the centre blank adds dimension to your lips making them seem fuller,” she says.

Step 3: Gloss

"Now I’ll go in with gloss," she explains of the final step. "You’re going to start in the centre at the lightest point, and then start to blend into your lip liner," she says, using the lip gloss applicator to soften and blur the harsh lines.

"[To finish], I just add one final coat all over, all the way out to the lip liner." Well, would you look at that? The plump, pain-free pout of your dreams.

Main image credit: @gigihadid

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