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Not only can it save you big bucks, but dyeing your own hair can be simple – as long as you know how to avoid the common pitfalls. Here, Schwarzkopf ’s National Technical Educator Grant Withnell reveals the mistakes to avoid, and how to get your DIY hair colour right – every time.


DIY fail: It’s too dark

Applying colour on top of another colour? This mishap can make hair go darker than you intended.

Fix it: Follow the ‘regrowth application’ instructions in the pack, which means applying the colour to the new hair growth only. Process for 25 minutes, then take the colour through the ends for five minutes to freshen them up.


DIY fail: The colour’s just wrong

When selecting a shade, use the guides on the pack – if your natural hair colour is not shown on the pack, that colour may not be the right choice for you.

Fix it: If you are unsure which shade will work, go for the lighter one. Stay within two shades of your natural hair colour for best results.

GOOD TO KNOW: Super dry or damaged hair is very porous, so you run the risk of staining your hair darker than expected if it’s not in a good condition to start with. Ensure it’s healthy by using a treatment each week for a month before dyeing.


DIY fail: Your skin is stained

It’s not uncommon to get colour staining from the dye on your neck or ears.

Fix it: Always wipe off any excess colour around the hairline and ears immediately (but try to avoid wiping the colour off your hair). When you rinse the colour out at the end, just add a little water and emulsify the colour first, which will help with removing any dye from the skin.

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