Exactly how to get the hair you want at your next appointment

Exactly How To Get The Hair You Want

The tips that will ensure you never have another hair disaster

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / April 20 2018

Whether you’re someone who has their hair done religiously every six to eight weeks, or someone who hasn’t stepped foot in a salon for longer than you’d like to admit, you want to ensure you walk out looking and feeling like a million dollars every time you visit your hairdresser. Hair appointments are a big investment after all, and you certainly don’t want to be dropping upwards of $200 for a cut and colour that you’re not happy with. Unforuntately, the reality is that far too often we walk out hating our new ‘do and are too polite to say something. 

To avoid any future hair disasters and to make sure you end up with a haircut and/or colour that you not only love, but also suits your skin tone, style and personality, we spoke to three of Australia’s top hairdressers: Simon Bright, Creative Director of Jonny + June, Anthony Nader, owner and hairstylist at RAW, and Renya Xydis, owner of Valonz salon and Cloud Nine Ambassador, for their top tips. 

#1 / Do your research

Your entire hair appointment will go a lot smoother if you have a prior understanding of hair terms. While the majority of us have a pretty good knowledge of differing haircut styles – i.e. curtain fringe, long layers, blunt bob, etc. – colouring terms can be a little trickier to comprehend. “Take the time to do some research about what techniques suit your taste. There are so many colour names but do you really know the definition of them? Do you want a root stretch with balayage with a semi in-between all that? Did you understand this hair lingo? If not, chat to your hairstylist who can fill you in, and you’ll come out of the salon looking a million bucks,” explains Nader.  


Blunt Bob

Curtain Fringe

#2 / Book an initial consultation

While it might seem like an unnecessary hassle, booking an initial consultation will “give your hairdresser a chance to collect information about your lifestyle, expectations, concerns, desires, your daily habits, what you currently like about your hair and what you don’t, what type of products you’re currently using, how often you wash your hair, the last time you had your hair cut/coloured and how much time and energy you put into styling. Once you give all this information to the hairdresser, they’ll know what their parameters are,” explains Bright.

#3 / Have realistic references

The easiest way to convey the type of haircut or colour you’re after is to take in photos of celebrities whose hair you’d like to recreate. Often, it’s best to take in multiple photos of celebs who have a similar cut or colour “as they help to paint an entire picture and overall concept of what you’re trying to achieve,” says Xydis.

When choosing your hair inspiration, “ensure that the skin tone of the celebrity is similar to your own. Although you make like the colour of their hair, there is the chance that the specific pigment or tone of colour will wash you out, or look very unnatural. Colour should be blended to suit you and your unique skin tone and personality. Be open to variations of the image you have brought in to ensure the colour you end up with looks natural and most suitable for you,” explains Xydis. A good hairdresser can help steer you in the right direction.

Another thing to consider when choosing your celebrity image is to choose someone who has “similar hair to your own type and texture, including density, length and colour. If you have super curly, coarse, blonde, frizzy hair and you bring in a picture of a brunette with fine to medium hair and a blunt bob, be open to interpretation,” recommends Bright.  

Nader also adds it’s important to think about how much time you’re willing to spend on daily styling. “Know your day-to-day time constraints, particularly for getting ready in the morning,” he explains. If you want to get up and rush out the door in under 10 each morning, then perhaps a blunt front fringe isn’t for you!  

#4 / Be patient

As a result of the dramatic celebrity hair transformations we’ve seen recently (think Kim Kardashian’s recent silvery blonde hue), you would be forgiven for thinking you’re able to completely change the colour of your hair in just a few hours. However Bright says that it’s important to remember, “even with the luxury of Olaplex and other smart bonds, black hair isn’t going to be snow white in one session”. Instead, he suggests, “having a hair goal and patience. The goal can be to grow your hair longer, have healthier hair, more volume, more layers for movement and shape, or go lighter”; just be aware that it might take a few visits to the salon to get the end result you’re after.

#5 / Don’t cross your legs

While sitting cross-legged might be comfortable when having your hair cut, it’s much better to sit with your legs balanced. “This is because if your legs are crossed, one shoulder is higher than the other. Who wants an asymmetrical haircut #notme?” says Nader.

#6 / Be vocal

Lastly, Bright says it’s important to “remember that hairdressers are not mind readers, but they should be professional and listen to any concerns you may have – so speak up!”

If your ‘do is in need of a serious summer overhaul, then check out our top tips for getting out of a hair rut.

Do you have any other tips to ensure you get the haircut and colour you want? Share them with us in the comments below!

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