Instant showers are now a thing

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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / November 23 2018

There’s nothing worse than rushing from a gruelling gym session to a dinner with friends, and not having the time to jump in for a quick shower because you were supposed to be there, like, 10 minutes ago. You just end up looking/feeling/smelling like an actual walking drop of sweat. Plus, not showering after working out is pretty much the worse thing you can do for your skin (hello, breakouts). 

So, what is one to do in such a crummy situation?

Well, we come bearing good news. Because instant shower products are now a thing and they’re about to make your whole life a hell of a lot easier.

The Soak Life are launching the world’s first Instant Shower Face + Body Cleansing Spray that cleans and refreshes the face and body…without any rinsing. Yep – the benefits of a shower without stepping anywhere near water.

What kind of sorcery is this? We hear you say. Well, The Soak Life’s innovative spray is formulated with micellar water and cucumber extract, which helps remove dirt and grime. It’s perfect for after exercising because you can pretty much just spritz and go. PLUS, it even tackles underarm body odour – which is a win for you, and all of the people around you at that post-workout dinner.

Check out said magical spray below:

Pretty nifty, huh? These guys will officially be available from from the 28th November (not long to wait!) and will only set you back $22.95.

If you’re way too excited to get in on this whole instant shower thing, Yuni Beauty also have these cool Shower Sheets, which are basically like gigantic body wipes. You simply wipe them over your body and they’ll give you a clean, just-showered fresh feeling.

These sheets are made with neem leaf extract, which helps deodorise the skin while also calming and soothing inflammation. They also contain peppermint leaf essential oil as a mild antiseptic to reduce bacteria on the skin (read: less chance of a breakout).

You’re welcome.

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What do you think of these instant shower products? Would you try them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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