What on earth is in Jaclyn Hill’s new lipstick range?

Jaclyn Hill’s New Lipstick Collection Seems To Be Contaminated

This is disturbing

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / June 11 2019

Jaclyn Hill is the latest online personality to try her hand at releasing her own line of beauty products, dropping her first lipstick range at the end of last week.

However, unfortunately for the popular YouTube beauty vlogger, all has not gone to plan.

It seems the much-hyped release has some serious teething issues and the Internet is not happy, Jan.

Some buyers have reported their lipsticks arrived containing “little scratchy balls”.

Yeah, that ain’t what you want in your lipstick. 

Jacyln has claimed the lumps in the lipsticks are due to the products being exposed to high temperatures or being improperly blended.

But it gets much, much worse.

Buyers have described other lipsticks arriving with everything from a “fuzzy” kinda coating to full-on hair-like strands protruding from the lipsticks.

Um, sorry what?! That is seriously NOT okay.

But Jacyln had an explanation for that, too:

Yikes. Whatever it is, it’s clear there’s some contamination issue.

Reddit users have weighed in on the issue, and have a few theories about the lipsticks. Some are hypothesising that the inconsistent formulas are the result of mould contamination, while another popular theory is that the lipsticks are rebranded out-of-date stock that was produced years ago and has since gone off.

Jaclyn has since issued apologies via her Twitter accounts and has promised to provide refunds or replacements to any users who have received problematic lipsticks

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What do you think is in Jaclyn Hill’s lipsticks? Let us know in the comments.

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