This beauty blogger applied an entire face of makeup without brushes

Including a winged cat eye!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 07 2018

If you haven't noticed, the Internet is obsessed with makeup challenges (100 layers of foundation anyone?), and the newest one sweeping YouTube has bloggers attempting to apply a full face of makeup without a single brush or makeup tool.

Possibly one of the best responses to the #NoBrushChallenge we’ve seen so far has been from American beauty blogger Aaliyah Jay. Recently, Aaliyah uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled Full Face Using My Hands & No Brushes Challenge and the results were pretty incredible.

Whilst it’s pretty common place for base products to be applied and blended in with your fingers, we were most impressed with Aaliyah’s serious skills when it came to filling in her brows, applying a cat eye liner look and lining her lips with just the tip of her finger! 

To perfect her brow look, Aaliyah first applies eyebrow pomade with her pinky finger and brushes the product throughout her hairs. Understandably, that technique leaves her brows looking a tad messy, so to clean up the area she applies concealer under and above the brow line to create a defined arch.

The most impressive part of the Aaliyah's no brush challenge is undoubtedly her winged liner look. To create the cat eye she dips the tip of her pinky fingernail in gel eyeliner and starts her line at the outer corner of the eye before elongating the flick using small soft strokes. Considering that we struggle to perfect a winged liner look at the best of times, Aaliyah's results are incredible. She even says she thinks "this is better than when I do it with a brush!"

Aaliyah then follows a similar process of using her fingertip to softly line her lips with a liquid lipstick before dabbing product from the pad of her finger directly onto her lips.

A notable mention must also go to her valiant efforts in applying makeup setting spray. Aaliyah first sprays the e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set into the palm of her hand before attempting to flick the mist all over her face. Whilst her method certainly isn’t the most effective practice we’ve come across, we’re incredibly amazed (and amused) regardless.

Check out the full video below:

Image credit: @aaliyahjay

Video credit: Ms Aaliyah Jay

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