A guide to getting ready and glowing with Australian actress Sophie Wilde

Chanel’s makeup artist Victoria Baron shares her tips

Editor / December 20 2022

Want to know how to expertly apply foundation? Or create luminous event-ready eye makeup? If only we had Chanel’s makeup artist Victoria Baron to guide us every time we need to get ready.

Instead, we do have the next best thing. Baron recently worked with Australian actress Sophie Wilde to create her fresh and glowing face for the unveiling of the Chanel Cruise 2022/2023 collection.

Below, she shares with BEAUTYcrew the details behind each step and the universal tips anyone can use to elevate their makeup routine.


Start with a fresh canvas

Always begin with a good cleanse and follow with simple yet effective skin care that’s tailored to your skin type. “I love the ritualist benefits of facial massage and really allowing time for the product to be absorbed into the skin,” says Baron.


Chanel No.1 De Chanel Revitalizing Serum-In-Mist, $120 at Myer

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Use different tools for different foundations

“I always think it's best to apply foundation sparingly as a veil, allowing the skin to be seen,” explains Baron. “Then you can go back and add slightly more coverage to only the areas that need it, rather than creating a mask of makeup.” For light coverage foundation, Baron likes to use warm clean hands to “gently sweep across and into the skin for a natural finish,” whereas with slightly higher coverage formulas, she’ll use a brush and work from the centre of the face outwards.

Key products:

Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser (for light coverage), $80 at Myer

Chanel Ultra Le Teint Fluid (for more coverage), $95 at David Jones


Soften your liner

“The darkest part of any eyeliner look should always be the base of the lashes,” says Baron. “A trick is to use a black liner underneath your top lashes and wiggle it into the skin around the base of your lashes. Then apply the liner from the top, aiming for the lashes again.” Brown eyeliner is also a great option for a more diffused look.

Key product:

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Longwear Eyeliner and Kohl Pen 20 in ‘Espresso’, $47 at Myer


Don’t buff your shimmer eyeshadow

If you want to make your eyes glisten, gently pat your shimmer eyeshadow onto the lid with a flat brush, sponge applicator or finger. “For a more intense shine use a very slightly damp brush,” Baron recommends. 


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Bronzer and blush work in harmony

Each cheek product has its purpose and place. Baron used bronzer on the “outer edges of the face and under the cheekbones to create shape”, while a touch of blush is applied “slightly on the apples of the cheeks, sweeping back towards the cheekbones.”

"I used Chanel Allure L’extrait in 'Brun Lunaire - 827' ($81 at Myer) on both the lips and the cheeks to enhance her natural colour."

Photographer credit: Britt Murphy

Sophie wore CHANEL Cruise 2022/23 Collection.

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