'RHONY' star Jenna Lyons is actually the founder of this popular MECCA-stocked brand

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Beauty Editor / August 25 2023

There are two types of people who are familiar with the name Jenna Lyons: Bravo fans and fashion buffs. Oh and as it turns out, lovers of a fake eyelash. Say what now? In news you might've missed, the J.Crew creative director-turned-real housewife is also the brains behind the false lash brand, LoveSeen. 

If her oversized aviator spectacles and commitment to no-makeup makeup (despite the occasional red lip) led you to write her off as an avid strip lash fan, well yeah, us too. 

But as she told Allureit was Lyons' quest for "quieter beauty" that contributed to her launching the luxe falsies range alongside her ex-colleague and J.Crew's makeup artist, Troi Ollivierre. 


"I love watching all those crazy videos of Huda Beauty putting on contour and highlighter and then another contour and another highlighter and then seven sheets of eye makeup, I can't stop watching them," she said.

As for recreating the looks for herself? Not going to happen. "I can't wear all of that, I'm too old, I don't have that lifestyle. It's not my vibe."

When it comes to lashes, however? "I've always been obsessed," said Lyons, who has minimal of her own due to a rare genetic disorder, incontinetia pigmenti.

In a bid to strike the perfect balance between obtaining a natural and comfortable flutter without the expense, admin, risk of damage and as Lyons puts it, looking as if you "have garage doors on [your] eyes" that can come with eyelash extensions, she sought out to create her own solution.

And with that, LoveSeen was born. As was our realisation that fake eyelashes can actually be, dare we say it, suitable for a minimalist. Case in point, the LoveSeen Jack Lash ($35 at MECCA).

For those who want to support their existing natural lashes before seeking backup from falsies, promote length, strength and density via LashGro's peptide-rich Eyelash Growth Serum ($79.95 at LashGro).



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