Kim Kardashian's 'flip bun' is here to save summer hair, rain or shine

La Niña shan't spoil *this* style

Editor / September 26 2022

If anyone could make fetch happen, it would be Kim Kardashian. And in 2022, 'fetch' seems to be a wet-look-tucked-ponytail-bun hybrid. Hard to say, easy to do. Like, you know the 'style' you rock when you can't be bothered to blow your hair out? That's the one.

But while we've always thought of it as more 'lazy chic' minus the chic part, Kardashian is determined to make it the style of the season, having rocked the same one repetitively in public at least four times now.

It obviously hits a little different when it's one of the most glamorous women in the world wearing it; considering she has the globe's greatest glam professionals at her beck and call day or night, it's clear that the low-key look is in fact intentional.

And her intention is to have us (the people whose glam teams consists of um, ourselves) all follow suit, we're sure. She's basically making giving your hair a break a trend and we appreciate that. A lot.

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While we were a little iffy about the optics of the look at first (because again, it looks like the bun you whip up to let your hair mask sink in), we're now seeing the many, many pros it offers.

For starters, the ease. It's supposed to look like you barely tried! And not in a 'beachy waves that actually took 20 minutes' way; an actual no need to try way. Great; we're amazing at not trying!

To sample the style, simply comb through a little styling cream, oil, or even a coating of Olaplex or your fave hair mask. Then, pull hair back (sans part), and tie into a pony, tucking hair up into a mini bun on the last spin of the elastic and leaving the ends out free. FYI, if you're open to suggestions, the Oribe Supershine Moisturising Cream ($78 at Adore Beauty) will work a treat, especially when paired with the Denman Anti-Static Carbon Tail Comb ($31.85 at Adore Beauty).

You don't even have to try in the hair tie department; considering Kardashian is making no attempts to disguise hers (wearing stark black in her platinum blonde every time), subtlety isn't necessary here. Want something similar? Try the Kitsch Recycled Nylon Elastics in Black ($11.50 at Adore Beauty).

She's not even trying to disguise her dark roots; this really is a winning trend for the low-maintenance club.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Denman Anti Static Carbon Tail Comb

Kitsch Recycled Nylon Elastics - Black

Another reason we're fans? The weather-proof status. Hot day? Consider the hair off your neck and free from the sweat zone your face will become. Rainy day? The worst that will happen is a little product seeping its way out of the style. It really cannot be ruined!

So there you have it; a celeb-approved style that takes literal seconds and may just nurse your hair back to health this summer. We've hit the trifecta!

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