Kim Kardashian’s nutritionist shares her top tips for weight loss

And you don’t even have to (completely) cut out carbs!

Beauty Crew Contributor / October 31 2018

Kim Kardashian undoubtedly has one of the most talked about figures in the world. So when her personal nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz, who is also the Vice President of Education and Nutrition at nutrition and dieting company, Atkins, revealed to Elite Daily a sneak peek into the daily eating habits she and Kim swear by, we were intrigued….and hopeful it wouldn’t involve cutting out all our favourite foods! These are the top five secrets to Kim’s slim waistline that are completely achievable in your own daily diet.

#1 / Look for low-sugar options

Heimowitz revealed that her number one rule when it comes to weight loss is to choose foods that have the least impact on your blood sugar. She said that it’s unrealistic to cut out all carbohydrates and all sugar, and that’s okay. “The rule of thumb is to keep sugars at less than five grams per serving and net carbs at 15 per serving.”

#2 / Fill up on protein

The other tip she swears by, that Kim herself factors into her daily diet, is to ensure you have enough protein. Protein helps fills you up for long periods of time and keeps you satisfied for longer, which will help control your hunger.

#3 / Pair carbs with fibre

The next rule is that when you are eating carbohydrates, pick the option that has the highest fibre content; this will aid in the digestion of the carbs you’re consuming.

#5 / Healthy fats are a must

Also, Heimowitz says it’s crucial to include some form of healthy fat with any meal (such as avocados or small servings of peanut butter), as well as cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates overall.


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