Kim Kardashian’s tip for making your fake tan look more natural

It’s actually genius!

Beauty Crew Contributor / August 11 2017

From changing their hair almost every other day (thanks to the work of clever wigs and extensions), to getting their makeup done more times in a week than most people do in their whole lives, we’re going to put it out there and say the Kardashians probably know a thing or two about beauty. And while their beauty routines may seem a bit excessive to any regular person, it does make them amazing sources for clever tips and tricks. The most recent tip that Kim Kardashian shared was how she ensures her fake tan always looks natural, and we have to say, it’s pure genius.

“No matter what time of year it is, I always love a good spray tan,” she revealed on her app. “After so many years of having them done, I have picked up an unusual trick that makes all the difference. I always ask if I can have the part in my hair sprayed, as well as my body!”

This is a trick we haven’t heard before, but is definitely worth a try, especially in winter where missing a spot can be an obvious tell that your tan isn’t real.

“I normally have a centre part, so if it’s not sprayed, it…appears really pale,” she shared.

For more beauty insight from Kim, see the weird product that she credits for her glowing makeup.

Do you have any tips or tricks for fake tan application? Share with us in the comments below.

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