Kourtney Kardashian has made a huge announcement

Kourtney Kardashian Launches Her Poosh Lifestyle Website

In a rather racy fashion

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / April 28 2019

Kourtney Kardashian has shared a nearly-nude photo of herself to announce the launch of her latest endeavour, a lifestyle website named Poosh.

Poosh features content across a range of topics including health and wellness, life and style, interior design, beauty, and motherhood. And we are totally vibing on the site’s low-key, elegant aesthetic.

Kourtney explains in the ‘About’ section that she decided to launch Poosh because she “felt there was something missing in the healthy lifestyle space” and because she’s constantly fielding questions from others on “food, kids, beauty and fashion”.

Naturally, we clicked straight through to the beauty category and so far we’ve discovered posts about non-toxic sunscreen options, getting shiny hair the natural way, and finding clean beauty-friendly mascaras. Very Kourtney, and we are in to it.

We’re especially loving that the site is free, unlike all of the Kardashian sisters’ former apps, which required you to pay for a subscription to access their insider beauty tips.

She’s also included a feature on her “natural-ish skin care and makeup routine” with a link off to a Vogue.com video collab where she actually demos her routine on camera.

We always knew Kourts was a natural beauty fan and now we know where to get all her top natural beauty product recommendations and tips!

Anyone else getting serious Goop vibes?

If you’re looking for more Kardashian-worthy beauty tips, check out Kim Kardashian’s favourite beauty treatments.

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