How Lara Worthington stays in shape

Her food and fitness tips revealed

November 26 2020

Ever since her Being Lara Bingle days, we’ve continued to watch on as Lara Worthington’s sense of style has transformed, her career flourished, a romance with actor Sam Worthington grew from boyfriend to husband and her family continued to expand (recently welcoming the birth of her third son). 

The Australian beauty has also always been a source of inspiration, from hairstyles to makeup looks and of course, fitness. Because through all the ups and downs life has thrown at the 33-year-old, she’s always managed to look healthy and happy.


Filling her Instagram with images of days out surfing or at-home pilates sessions, there’s no question that Worthington’s active lifestyle plays a key role in maintaining her wellness.

And while the idea of an early morning workout is some people's idea of hell, Worthington revealed to OK! Magazine that she, on the contrary, completely cherishes it. “Exercise is my favourite part of the day because it’s my own time,” she said. “I’m not on my phone, working or thinking about anything.”


After picking up a few tips from her husband’s personal trainer Rodney Johnson, Worthington also shared that her routine is ‘all about mat work’. “Lots of sit-ups and leg lifts at high repetition at a low weight, no more than five kilos.”

She also likes to mix it up to keep things interesting, “I love outdoor activities and I run a lot. I also do Ballet Beautiful – it really works your body in a different way compared to the gym.” 


When she’s out of workout mode and in the kitchen, Worthington continues to keep it simple, and credits her “mostly vegetarian/pescatarian” diet to keeping her “energetic, fit and toned”.

In three words that are total music to our ears, she also revealed “I love pizza” and in the spirit of keeping a healthy balance, she explained, “that’s [my husband’s] favourite food, so we eat pizza twice a week”. 

Outside of this, her diet remains full of nutritious, whole foods “I eat a lot of salad, rice, beans and bread” she shared.

Pizza and plates full of salad? We think we can deal with that.


Main image credit: @laraworthington

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