Magnetic false eyelashes are a thing that actually exist

Put down the glue!

Contributor / May 25 2017

We all want fluttering, long lashes, right?

When mascara doesn’t quite cut it, we usually turn to a pair of false eyelashes for a bigger, bolder lash look. However, if you’re the Type B of the world (my hand held up high), you find false eyelashes annoyingly difficult to apply. Even after watching what seems like 5421 beauty tutorials, they still never seem to sit properly, with little bits always coming loose.

And then there’s the dreaded reality of taking them off, knowing you’re going to have to deal with that sticky glue getting stuck to your lids.

Thankfully, Katy Stoka felt our pain and created One Two Lash; the first false eyelashes sets to use magnets instead of glue (why didn’t we think of this earlier!)

Scratching your heads? Well, it’s actually more simple and straightforward than you think.

Basically, there are two half-strips that contain their own magnetic lash line. You simply apply one half-strip on top of your lash line, and the other below - think of it like a magnetic lash sandwich.

And the magnetic false eyelashes cater to everyone, too. There’s a bold, original, cat-eye look as well as individual fillers.

So for all the faux lash rookies of the world, your prayers have finally been answered.

They’ll available for pre order now at US$59 per set (which is about AUD$81), which includes two pairs of reusable lashes.. It might seem a little expensive, but if cared for properly, the reusable lashes can last for ages. Sadly, the website doesn't currently deliver to Australia (there's a note on the site that they're working on sorting out international shipping from the beginning of this year!), so if you have friends or family in the US, it's time to get in touch and ask them to place your order!

If you're going to stick to your regular false lashes for now but need some application help, watch our step-by-step guide for applying false lashes.

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