This face & body firming device gets a *firm* yes from our editor

Skin so smooth you’ll think you’ve been to the salon

Editor / March 28 2024

One thing about me: I love a device. Another thing about me: I love smooth skin even more. And so as you can probably guess, a device that possesses the ability to give me smooth skin is basically my favourite thing on earth. If it works, of course!

That’s exactly why I was close to ecstatic when the Manicare® Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor came my way. And not to spoil things, but ‘ecstatic’ happened to be how I felt a few weeks into the testing, too…

The product

So, what exactly is this snazzy tech tool and how does it work? Fair question. In a nutshell, The Manicare® Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor ($118.99 at Chemist Warehouse) uses salon-grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology (EMS) in unison with the LIPO Vacuum massage technique and the incredible powers of LED red light technology to work towards smoother, firmer skin.

The EMS technology does exactly what the name suggests (stimulates the muscles) through gentle contractions that create a ‘mini workout’ for the skin, while the LIPO vacuum suction helps to improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. As for the red light therapy, it’s all about targeting collagen and helping to fight visible signs of ageing. Quite the combo, I know!

Basically, once you pair those processes together, you’ve got a tool clinically proven to get you closer to smoother, firmer skin with every use. Great news, considering that’s exactly what I wanted to work on!

The tool is actually designed to target five body parts: your face, right thigh, left thigh, gluteus right, and gluteus left. As for how often to use, the instructions recommended using the face massager for 5 minutes per day, with five days of use followed by two rest days. For the body massager, the same ‘5 massage days, 2 rest days’ ratio was advised, with three minutes per target area (right thigh, left thigh, gluteus right, and gluteus left).

And best of all? It recommended doing all that in my personal favourite setting: the comfort of my own home. And so that’s exactly what I did…

Manicare® Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor review

You know the way it’s best to get into shape throughout the cooler months rather than during December when you’re already due for a beach day? I felt like ‘firming’ fell into that same ‘do it early, thank yourself later’ category. And so the start of autumn seemed a strong time to work on firming up. Speaking of that, let’s firm up how I went about using the sculptor. I started with ‘face mode’ (which called for no suction attachments attached to the device). Before beginning, I cleansed, toned, and moisturised my face, tying my hair up and away from it, too. Once I pressed the power button, I switched from the default ‘body’ mode to ‘face’ and got to work using face mode’s default ‘EMS’ setting. I’ll be honest: my pain/sensitivity threshold is low, so I definitely stuck to the lowest setting for my first few uses, but warmed up to the higher options about a week in.

I gently moved the device (in small circular motions) along my jaw, cheeks, forehead, and neck ,until my five minute timer signalled time to stop. I personally needed a moisturiser top-up before the five minutes were up (to keep a smooth glide going), but hey, that’s simply part of the dehydrated skin deal. And I must say, the device definitely offered a bit of daily jaw pain relief! As for the body setting (which I used immediately after face each time), I started by applying a quick (albeit generous) coat of body moisturiser, taking it right over my legs and mid-section. Once my skin was prepped, I activated the ‘large suction cup’ and started on my thighs and glutes.

Once I’d locked in the setting (generally body’s default ‘EMS’ setting with the ‘LIPO’ setting also activated) and level (I started on 1 again, and moved up to 3 in the weeks following), it was simply a matter of gliding the device gently along my target areas using a soft upwards motion. The general method? Target the right thigh for three minutes, then switch for three minutes on the left thigh. Next up: the right gluteus and then the left, both with three minutes on each. After use, I’d always add an additional layer of lotion to seal the deal, as well.

So how did it feel? I wouldn’t say it’s a relaxing sensation per se, but I experienced zero pain, just a sense of pressure that you’d expect from anything using suction. The same goes for any salon treatment with similar tech! I was, however, relieved to know throughout the process that a quick press of the ‘release’ button would be all that was needed if the suction power became too strong, and I enjoyed being in control of that. The device was also a breeze to hold and handle, with an easy-to-use ergonomic design that made the process super simple – always appreciated.

Now let’s talk results, 8 weeks into consistent use. Honestly, the placebo effects of devices often get me on board regardless of results. There’s just something about taking the time to ‘firm’ your skin that somehow makes it feel firmer. But I can safely say I was experiencing more than placebo-esque effects with the Manicare® Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor – the differences I felt/saw have actually left me pretty damn impressed.

My skin felt firmer than it has in quite some time – on my face and body. In fact, it felt as firm as a few years ago when I committed to an in-salon schedule of top-to-toe firming treatments A real triumph for the device considering its reasonable price point and at-home accessibility!

I also clocked a strong uplift in smoothness – the additional use of double-coated daily moisturiser had to have been helping, but the technology in this nifty little tool really isn’t messing around when it comes to allowing your skin to secure that coveted ‘baby soft’ level of smooth.

The verdict

If you’re someone who’d love to spring for consistent professional face and body treatments but can’t necessarily justify the spend/time, this device is a must-try. Or hey, if you just want an easier option you can use on yourself in the privacy of your bedroom/bathroom/living room while catching up on Real Housewives, you’ll also want to nab one ASAP.

Overall, I found my leg cellulite to be noticeably lessened, and both my face and body had a smoother, firmer feel. Especially around my butt! TMI but true! I think when paired with a healthy, balanced lifestyle and a stellar skin care routine, the Manicare® Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor is a real winner. So is it worth a whirl? If you’re committed to consistent use, that’d be a firm (and delightfully smooth) yes from me.

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