The Internet is going nuts over this $15 mascara

And here's how to get your hands on it (before it sells out)

Digital Beauty Editor / January 18 2021

We take mascara recommendations super seriously. So seriously in fact that even if our cousin’s friend’s girlfriend’s sister suggested we try a new formula, we’d probably hop right to it. Because who knows, it could be the very one that changes our lash lives forever and that’s simply something we cannot ignore.

So, we must say, the fact that the entire Internet is not only recommending, but waxing absolute lyrical about the magical powers of a new mascara is massive.

What’s apparently also massive, however, are the lashes it gives you. The dent it’ll leave in your wallet, however, (unless you’re running around to every pharmacy in the city to track it down – it’s going like hotcakes) is the opposite of massive. Tthe stuff goes for just $15. Yep, seriously.

So what is this eye-defining wunderkind we and everyone else on the planet are talking about? None other than Maybelline’s newly launched Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara, which practically took over TikTok after beauty influencer @jessica.c.eid took to her account to show off the results.

In the name of full transparency, her video was part of her role as a #maybellinepartner, but the flurry of similar ones that followed in response were not (and let’s be real, on-camera lash results don’t lie). Take a look at the wild before and after below...

One of the most notable videos at the top of the subsequent #skyhighmascara hashtag (which currently has 64.9 million views)? A ‘one eye with mascara, one without’ first impression by content creator Zoe Roe, who coined the formula ‘my new favourite mascara’ after sampling it just once.

“I already have long lashes, but let’s see what the hype is about,” she told followers, before swiping on three coats of Sky High and admiring the difference. “Those aren't spiders, those are my lashes! Tarantu-lashes!” she joked re: their spidery aesthetic.

In fact, the results were so wild that commenters even questioned whether Roe had added a pair of falsies. Spoiler alert: she hadn’t. It’s just that good. “Magic does exist, so buy it!” she advised at the end.

Well, it seems people did just that, in a big way. The viral frenzy around the mascara has lead to it selling out four times on U.S. beauty retailer Ulta, and it's become almost impossible to find a tube of it anywhere else.

Blessedly for us Aussies, it’s currently still in stock at Chemist Warehouse (via Click and Collect or in-store only, so check your local out fast) or Beauty Expert if you're looking for an online option. However, we really cannot stress this enough: Move. Quick.

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

Main image credit: @zozoeroe

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