Everything you need to know about microblading

Does it work/last/look good? Hint: YES

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / January 24 2022

Given our universal obsession with brows, chances are you’ve heard of microblading – a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that results in the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. It basically makes it possible for you to nab the brows you’ve always wanted.

But is it worth the cost? Does it hurt? Is microblading right for you? To give you the lowdown, we spoke with professional brow artist Amy Jean from Amy Jean Brow Agency about what microblading involves and some of the key things you should know before undergoing brow tattooing.

What is microblading?

“Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure whereby fine strokes are topically etched into the outer layers of the brow area to mimic the effects are real hairs,” explains “Your ultimate shape is designed to the correct proportions of your face.” 

Why should I try microblading?

Whether you’re currently using a pencil, powder or pomade, tending to your brows is often time consuming, and if you’re anything like us, 95 per cent of the time you’ll end up with a shape you’re not entirely happy with. Microblading is a temporary procedure that offers a natural-looking and fuss-free solution to filling in your brows *every* morning.

Who’s a good candidate?

Microblading is best suited to brows that are thin and/or overplucked. The treatment will help transform them into a sculpted but natural-looking shape with more fullness. In terms of suitable skin types, Amy Jean says, “Normal to dry skin types benefit the most from microblading. Oily skin isn’t ideal as the lines can ‘ blur’ or ‘merge’ during the healing process,” she says. 

What’s involved?

A typical treatment will usually take between two to 2.5 hours. “A numbing cream is applied, followed by a shape and colour consultation, then the actual procedure,” says Amy Jean.

During the procedure, your brow artist will use a small blade consisting of tiny needles (it’s about the size of a pen) to create tiny superficial cuts in and along your brow, depositing a pigment that’ll seep into the hair-like ‘wounds’ that have just been created.

“You need to return within four to eight weeks for a perfecting visit or ‘retouch’,” says Amy Jean.

How long does microblading last? 

After your initial touch-up treatment, Amy Jean says the results should last anywhere between one to two years. Since microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the hair-like tattoo strokes will naturally fade over time. As such, you’ll need to book in for another microblading treatment in about a year’s time to address any colour fading.

Is it painful?

Not when you have a strong aesthetic numbing cream to numb the area. “We use anaesthetic both prior and throughout the procedure,” explains Amy Jean. “You will feel contact and hear a scratching sound along the skin. Some clients opt to listen to music with headphones.” 

How much does microblading cost?

Microblading prices will usually vary based on location and expertise, but a quality treatment will range somewhere between $1000-$1800. Looking good isn’t cheap, but your face is too important to take any chances! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Before & after microblading

Microblading is one of those treatments where the results speak for themselves. Check out these microblading before and after photos:





Are there any risks?

As with any cosmetic treatment, risks are involved so it’s crucial to do your research before undergoing a microblading procedure. Amy Jean says, “If a novice is tattooing your brows and penetrating the skin too deeply, this will cause scarring and discolouration of the skin.” In order to avoid a bad experience (just type ‘microblading gone wrong’ into Google – you don’t want to join those ranks!), make sure the person working on you is qualified and reputable before you let them near your brows. We also recommend looking at samples of their clients’ before and after photos.

Microblading aftercare

A tattoo is essentially a wound, so it’s important to treat it like one. Amy Jean says you’ll need to keep your brows dry and clean for seven days. “This includes sweating and showering. We supply sterile wipes and an ointment that can help with dry skin types. Moisturisers and oils on the forehead are best avoided.”

That's why we suggest getting your hands on a some waterproof brows covers like Dry Brow Aftercare Waterproof Covers For Microbladed Eyebrows ($34.95 at Dry Brow). Dry Brow Aftercare Waterproof Covers For Microbladed Eyebrows takes the stress out of showering, washing your face or taking a dip after having your brow colour treatment. These waterproof covers have been designed to protect microbladed, tinted or henna-treated brows from stray water droplets during the healing process. A necessity if you ask us.


Dry Brow Aftercare Waterproof Covers For Microbladed Eyebrows

It’s best to avoid putting on makeup and exfoliating your skin, as well as being cautious of the type of skin care products you’re using. You may experience some redness around your brow area for up to a week, so it’s best not to schedule any big events for the first week or two following your brow tattoo appointment.

Looking for more info on how to nab fuller brows? Check out some of the other professional brow treatments on offer, as well as microblading’s sister - eyebrow feathering.

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