The Internet is blowing up over Miley Cyrus’s new mullet

Miley Cyrus’s New Mullet Haircut Is Causing Big Drama On The Internet

Who would have thought a haircut could be so divisive?

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

“This is the worst haircut I’ve ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist 😢 now this is gonna be all over tmz and the news plus the locals that don’t like Miley are gonna think she’s going through a meltdown again why can’t we ever win gonna go cry now bye! That was all,” wrote one follower in an Instagram comment.

The nasty comment prompted Miley’s hairstylist, Sally Hershberger to jump to the defence of Miley (and her hair).

“First of all if you knew anything about hair it's the position she's in that's why it looks that way, it's 100% even and she also had it straightened so it's more severe which I actually like that being said chill out and know it's a modern mullet which is very cool but it's something you probably aren't even well-versed in sorry but not sorry 😂,” wrote Sally in an Instagram comment.

Hear, hear, Sally. Although the ‘80s-style haircut isn’t a look we ever predicted would come back into fashion, we also think Miley’s new ‘do looks pretty cool.

And, regardless of whether anyone thinks it looks good or not, Miley is entitled to make her own choices. If she wants to rock a mullet like nobody’s business, then she should be able to do so without copping a tirade of criticism online. Give the gal a break!

Billie Eilish also recently debuted a brand new mullet. Could the throwback hair trend be making a comeback?

What do you think of Miley’s new mullet? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @sallyhershberger

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