This is the new way to wear glitter on your eyes and we are here for it

MBFWA new way to wear glitter makeup

It’s fresh, modern and totally wearable

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 16 2019

Glitter makeup isn’t going anywhere. Just ask Zoe Foster Blake, or take a peek at the annual Pinterest trends report – this trend is having its time in the sun. Right now, glitter makeup can be spotted all over the red carpet, the runways, and on the shelves at the biggest beauty stores.

But for those of us who aren’t hitting up festivals on the daily, rubbing shoulders with our celeb friends on the red carpet, or strutting down the runway, glitter makeup isn’t the easiest trend to pull off IRL. And if you’re not careful, you can end up looking like a walking disco ball. Fun, but not ideal.

However, times are a changin’ and you don’t necessarily need to go by the ‘go hard or go home’ mantra on the glitter front. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia just did us all a solid, offering an elegant and minimalist way to wear glitter without looking totally OTT.

Models in the Michael Lo Sordo show walked the runway wearing specks of navy glitter over their glossy lids and around their lower lash line, delivering a fresh take on the glitter eye makeup trend.

Just take a squiz here:

MBFWA Michael Lo Sordo

Rather than a full metallic eye or disco eye, this glitter eye makeup looks totally casual and wearable. Sporadically placed all around the eyes, the glitter gives the entire eye look a mesmerising foil-like texture that stands out against natural-looking skin and dewy lips.

This is all the proof we need that you don’t have to go into a massive effort in the makeup department just because you’re adding a bit of sparkle to your look. So, ditch the bold lip and strong blush, because less is definitely more. 

To get the look, apply a small amount of balm (such as In Your Dreams Glitter Beauty Balm) to your lids and adhere some glitter over the top (try Mecca Max Loose Glitter) and along your lower lash line. Keep the rest of your face understated for a subtle, yet eye-catching look. 

And you certainly don’t have to be too precise or picky with where you’re dabbing it – the randomised placement gives it that whole ‘leftover makeup’ vibe, and we’re totally digging it.

MBFWA Michael Lo Sordo

Anyone else ready to sprinkle some glitter on their lids and totally own it?

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What do you think of the glitter makeup trend? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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