Olivia Rodrigo just brought back the playground hair trend we've long feared

And she's not the only celeb to sample the style

Digital Beauty Editor / March 21 2022

Olivia Rodrigo holds the power to make a lot of previously un-chic things chic once more. Crying in your car, for example; "Driver's Licence" reminded us it's totally cool/therapeutic to do it. She also made us feel way better about dealing with dermatitis (which we wholeheartedly appreciate_. 

The latest thing she's revived the reputation of? Layered neon snap clips. Yep, while we thought we'd all agreed to leave those bad boys back in our playground era, Rodrigo (and an equally stylish celeb friend) are making a very convincing case for their return to present day.

So how did she make clips cool again? Well, she went all in with the aesthetic, layering multiple clips on each side. But while, yes, the glittery ones she's got on both sides (silver on one and charcoal, turquoise and fuchsia on the oher) are fabulous, it's the neon yellow flower clip that really caught our attention. The more 'childish', the chicer it seems.



The other star to embrace the style? Tate McRae, who happens to also be pals with Rodrigo; talk about a power duo. We wonder if 'nostalgic chic' is an aesthetic they coincidentally share, or if they happened to decide together that yes indeed, the layered snap clip trend simply must make a triumphant return.

McRae went slightly more subtle (if you can call it that) placing only two clips per side rather than going for Rodrigo's triple whammy. She also opted for symmetry, with one metallic blue clip and one matte pink one per side.



If you're keen to copy the supreme aesthetic these two are serving, here's the excellent news: snap clips come cheap as literal chips, and are generally available at your local chemist (or even supermarket if you're lucky). Talk about a trend it doesn't cost to try.

Give flowers a go with the Seed Glitter Daisy Snap Clips ($7.95 at Seed), get glittery with the Wishes Kids Glitter Snap Clips ($6 at Big W), or opt for brights with the ASOS Design Multi Snap Clips ($12 at ASOS).

Seed Glitter Daisy Snap Clips

Wishes Kids Glitter Snap Clips


Main image credit: Getty Images

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