Pia Miller sets the record straight about getting lip fillers

She’s finally spoken out

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / April 18 2019

Apart from super glossy long hair, flawless skin, perfect brows and to-die-for freckles, it just so happens that Aussie actress Pia Miller also has the most perfectly pillow-y pout.

We mean, come on! (Side note: cutest puppy EVER).

And if you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll notice fans have questioned whether her ultra-plump pout is the result of lip fillers, or just really good genetics.

In a recent Instagram post, one fan wrote, “Hey @pia have you had your lips done? Might just be the angle but either way, they are lovely.”

To which Pia replied, “That’s a firm no. But thank u”.

Another fan hit back, writing “no she just has beautiful features”.

If there’s anything we love more than stealing celeb beauty tips and tricks, it’s when they’re totally transparent about their appearance. And Pia isn’t the only Aussie gal addressing lip filler rumours as of late.

In the space of just one week, MAFS stars Ines Basic and Jessika Power have both been upfront about their cosmetic treatments – and we are here for it!

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What do you think of lip fillers? Have you tried them? Share with us in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @pia

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