CHANEL Démaquillant Yeux Intense Eye Makeup Remover

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CHANEL Démaquillant Yeux Intense Eye Makeup Remover removes makeup, dirt and impurities, leaving skin soft and supple. The formula consists of highly purified cleansing oils and gentle rose and cornflower waters, which work together to remove all traces of makeup.


CHANEL Démaquillant Yeux Intense Eye Makeup Remover


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It really pays to find an amazing makeup remover that will actually improve your skin rather than irritate it and cause flare ups! Okay, so lets be real, for a makeup remover, the price tag is definitely on the hefty side, but it is Chanel! And there really isn't another brand in my opinion that matches up.  Before using give this makeup remover a nice shake up, and it will come out delicately  perfect to use on a cotton pad. One of things i love the most about this product is that you really wont have to rub hard to get your eye makeup off. Just a few gentle strokes and even your most heavy duty, waterproof eye make up will come right off! There have been so many times in my life I've been left scrubbing and scrubbing, yet there will be nasty little remnants of makeup remaining, leaving me feeling itritated, puffy and unclean. I promise this makeup remover wont leave you feeling like this. You will feel squeeky clean, fresh and smooth!  While i can acknowledge there are plenty of liquid eye removers on the market that retail at less than a quarter of this chanel products cost, the quality will leave you wondering why you didn't convert sooner! Every time i use this product i know my skin is being nourished and hydrated, my blemishes are being soothed rather than aggravated  (like other removers cause), my wrinkles feel less prominent and honestly I've never felt cleaner!  Although this product is called an eye makeup remover, fe free to use it on all of your face, even your lips (perfect for getting rid of lipstick stains). I like to use a generous amount and saturate a cottom pad, im always shocked at how easy it is to get my makeup off. It usually takes me a cotton pad or 2 to totally get my face bare and clean. I have an extremely sensitive face, but im glad to say the product is so gentle on the skin, it never causes me any stinging or pain! Such a bonus!  A little warning i have is, if you are taking this product with you be careful! I've had a nasty leak before, and this isnt the kind of product you want going to waste! Make sure you screw the lid properly, i even advise putting it in a little plastic bag and tieing it up, when you need to take it places with you. For that reason i dont recommend it when travelling (and plus you really dont want anyone borrowing it, now do you?). Another thing i can say is the product doesnt last incredibly long, i find i can use up the whole bottle in a couple of months! So again just watch your portion control, although you can get by without using heaps and heaps of the stuff in one go.  I really love this eye makeup remover and im yet to find a better quality product, it smells divine and not like chemicals, and the natural oils in the product will leave your skin feeling blessed. So for anyone else with problem or sensitive skin, this will change your life and your will never have to feel irritated when removing your makeup again. For anyone willing to have a little beauty splurge, i honestly say buy this eye makeup remover! Your skin will never feel silkier, sweeter or more refreshed.