CHANEL NO°5 The Cleansing Cream

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CHANEL NO°5 The Cleansing Cream is a gentle cleanser that builds up to a rich lather and eaves skin scented with notes of the signature NO°5 fragrance.


CHANEL NO°5 The Cleansing Cream


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Every time I wear Chanel No 5 I just want to bathe myself in it, so it makes sense to buy a product that allows me to literally do just that.  Yes, it's pricey and indulgent, but this is my perfume equivalent of comfort food - it profoundly satisfies me in a way that no other fragrance does, which makes it more of a "need" than a "want".  Unless you share my deep love for this scent, it's probably an unjustifiable expense, but for me this entire range is life.  For the ability to create a long lasting, most favourite scent on earth experience, this cleansing cream is a must.