Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a daily face cleanser for normal/combination skin. The soap-free foaming gel contains balm mint and lavender to help deliver a deep cleanse without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Size pictured is 250mL. Also available in 50mL for $18 and 500mL for $85.50.


Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel


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love it!!!

Another favourite in my Dermalogica collection. This is such a great a effective cleanser. I use this after the special cleansing gel and the duo are an absolute power couple:) Also having a very mild soft scent this cleanser is so refreshing and works so well to remove any excess make-up or oils from the day and my first cleanse. You don't need much as a little goes a long way to finish of the cleanse for the evening. It leaves my face feeling so fresh, clean and ready for my nightime skincare routine. I don't cleanse every morning (not as much time so I usually just rince my face) but if I do feel like it this is great for a morning cleanse to refresh my face for the day. Another product I will continue to purchase.

Gentle on sensitive skin

This Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is great for anyone looking for a cleanser that's good for oily or sensitive skin. I find a little goes a long way and it does lather up pretty good. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or stripped. My skin feels very fresh and clean after using this and I have noticed a reduction in pimples since using this cleanser. I love it and would highly recommend to anyone with oily or sensitive skin. To use this cleanser I use a small amount on wet skin and I also cleanse twice. Once to remove all the oils and dirt off my skin and the second time to cleanse my skin.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

I used this cleanser for many years when I had my hormonal problematic skin the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel foams up beautifully and cleansed my skin so well without drying it out it is very gentle and soothing it also has a mild scent it left my skin feeling soft and clean. I double cleansed with this especially at night and just once in morning, twice if needed. I’ve used many cleansers over the past 15-20 years and this one would be one of my favorites for oily/combination skin. I would definitely recommend the Special cleansing gel to anyone looking for a gel cleanser that foams and that was oily/combination skin.

Reliable everyday cleanser

I have used this cleanser since I was a teen. I always like to try new cleansers but always find myself repurchasing this one. It’s simple but it works. It fluffs up nicely, doesn’t dry the skin out and thoroughly removes any dirt and make up with first cleanse.
I quite like this product it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean I also sometimes use it with a battery powered face brush and it also works well with this. It's not too badly priced so it's good for the budget you also don't need to use a lot so it lasts quite a while. I would absolutely recommend this cleanser.
I got this Special Cleansing Gel in 50ml to try and see if I like it before purchasing the bigger size. The cleansing gel does remove any impurities and grime off my face and doesn't irritate my skin. However, my skin feels a little dry and tight after rinse off. Overall not a bad product but I can justify for high price point so will not re-purchase.
This is my go to cleanser and so worth the price tag! I have psoriasis so my skin can be quite sensitive and this gel cleanser doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It is very effective at cleansing and removing all the dirt from the day. I love that I only need a little bit to get a lather and clean my whole face. I would recommend it for all skin types as it’s gentle yet effective.
I used this product religiously for approximately three years when my skin was at its absolute worst. I had breakouts on my chin and forehead plus congested pores. I found that this cleanser really helped clear my skin over an extended period of time. I have sensitive but normal skin with an oily t-zone and using this product did not affect my skin at all. I only stopped using it because I wanted to see whether the worst of my breakouts were over (and they were!). It's a little pricey but if you are looking for a product that will clear your skin I would definitely recommend!
I absolutely loved this dermalogica cleansing gel. I suffer from an oily tzone and also sensitive skin so this cleanser is perfect as it’s both gentle and soap free. It doesn’t leave skin oily and it cleanses really effectively. I was a little hesitant over the price as I feel it’s a little expensive for a cleanser but you only need the tiniest amount to cleanse effectively. The press tip bottle is handy as it means no mess. The gel itself is quite thick and silky, easy to use, I just mix with water and massage into skin with circular motions. It rinses clear with ease and leaves my skin super clean, all traces of makeup, oil, dirt and grime are removed. It’s quite gentle yet my skin does feel a little tight after use so I apply moisturiser straight away. It has a mild pleasant herbal scent. I loved this gel cleanser and highly recommend it.
This is a wonderful cleansing gel and definitely one I always go back to. I usually purchase the large pump size bottle and it lasts me for months. I have sensitive combination skin and often tend to avoid foaming or gel cleansers which can be too harsh and drying. However Special Cleansing Gel is very mild, yet creates a great lather that really provides a deep clean, and leaves my skin feeling comfortable and never tight or dry. I lather a small amount (size of pea) with water and massage this onto my face and it works really well with my Clarisonic to leave my skin feeling and looking fresh. It has a mild herbal scent that doesn't irritate my skin at all, even when it gets near my eyes. It is expensive for a cleansing gel, but I find a little goes a long way and it's one of the few gel cleansers I have used that helps calm and soothe my skin, and leaves it soft and clean. I would recommend this cleanser for all skin types.
I originally received this as a sample quite a few years ago when I first started buying beauty subscription boxes. At the time, I was using supermarket and chemist brand skin care and I thought it absolutely ridiculous that people would pay over $20 for something like a cleanser. However,after 3 uses of this product,I went online and spent over $50 for the full size . Safe to say- it definitely impressed me.   The Dermalogica Cleanser comes packaged in a cylinder bottle with a hygienic press top lid dispenser. It is quite a thick,clear gel with a subtle herbal scent of lavender and something else I cant quite put my finger on -it's a heavenly combo though! To use, you just dispense the tiniest amount into palm and mix a little water to emulsify. You then massage the liquid in gentle circular motions on the skin for about a minute. It has a very light lather and feels so refreshing and calming once applied. You then just rinse away with a little water and pat face gently with a towel.   At the time I was used to my skin feeling tight and dry after cleansing and just assumed that to be normal and better than the oily skin I would have had instead. This product however,left my skin purified,soft and clean whilst also being gentle enough not to strip away all my skins oils.  There were days I wore quite heavy liquid foundations and I found it removed all of it effortlessly and I never had a need to double cleanse.     Pros Soap and fragrance free Removes makeup and impurities  Gentle-leaves skin soft  A little goes a long way Beautiful,calming scent Practical and Hygienic Packaging   Cons Quite pricey   I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a gentle and effective cleanser. A little goes a long way so even though it is quite expensive initially, a 250ml will last about 6 months with twice a day usage.
I have combination/dehydrated skin, and I find this to be one of the best cleansers for my skin type. It's gentle, but foams up enough to remove dirt and congestion effectively. It also has a wonderful scent that makes it an absolute joy to use, especially first thing in the morning.
Great to keep the skin well balanced, finally a cleanser that you can use all year round without drying the skin. Just got my sister on to Special Cleansing Gel and her skin has never looked brighter / more radiant. Long time lover of 7years ❤️
I have problems using anything that I have to wash off with water so this was no good for me but I have given it to a friend to try.
My skin gets oily and shiny so I like using a foamy cleanser and the therapist at Dermalogica recommended their Special Cleansing Gel. The cleanser comes in a clinical looking white bottle with a grey flip-tab lid. I always buy a travel sized 50 mL bottle (comes in a set of products) because my cleansers last 6-8 months so by the end of it I want a new bottle with fresh product.  The cleanser is a clear gel and has a gorgeous lavender scent. To cleanse, I mix an almond size amount of cleanser with a few drops of water, lather up and gently massage my face. I give the cleanser a few seconds to breakdown and dissolve makeup, sebum and other impurities on my skin before rinsing it off with warm water. Post cleanse my skin always feels clean and fresh without the tight feeling other cleansers leave me with. I always tone and moisturise after cleansing.  Since switching to Dermologica's Special Cleansing Gel I feel that my face doesn't get as oily or shiny during the day. My pores aren't as clogged and breakouts are to a minimum. I really like that the cleanser doesn't have a long list of ingredients, artificial fragrance or dyes which can irritate skin. The cleanser foams up quickly and is effective at removing makeup. I usually don't need to cleanse twice with it to remove all my makeup so even though the cleanser is on the pricier side, a little bit of product goes a long way.  The Special Cleansing gel is an effective cleanser for removing makeup, oils and impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or taut. Its suitable for everyone but mostly for oily skin types. The packaging is a serious little bottle but the product is a simple clear gel, free of artificial fragrance, colours or hard to pronounce ingredient names. I have repurchased this product serveral times and would highly recommend it for anyone, especially oily skin types.  Pro  Effectively cleanses makeup, sebum & impurities  Doesn't leave skin feeling tight or dry  Controls pore congestion and minimizes breakouts  Lovely scent  Con  SLS   
I've been searching for ages to find a cleanser, that was good quality, and gentle on my skin. With this I have finally found it. This gel cleanser is everything, I can sensitive skin and I get dry around the cheeks.  This cleanser is gentle yet affective, a lot of my other cleansers, I had to double cleanse to make sure my make up was of from the day. I don't have to do this 1 cleanse and my face is clean and it doesn't feel tight like a lot of others make my skin feel. The initial cost of the bottle seems expensive, but I bought the 500 ml pump bottle and you only need 1 small pump that it will last months. I'm so happy I finally gave this cleanser a go and I can't see myself changing anytime soon My skin glows and looks clear,and being 41 yrs old looking after my skin is vital 
Love the Special Cleansing Gel so much!  It foams up beautifully and makes my face feel amazingly clean without feeling dried out.  Could not recommend this product more highly.
Love this product!  Skin is left clean but never feels dry.  Nice gel consistency easily foams up. Perfect for my combination skin.  Breakouts are a thing of the past.
Dermalogica's Special Cleansing gel comes in their signature white and grey coloured cylindrical shaped bottle with a flip-tab lid. I just tip the bottle over and the product dispenses out of a tiny slit in the lid. The gel is clear and smells mildly of mint and lavender. I just emulsify the gel with a few drops of water and work it into my skin. It feels refreshing and quickly breaks down dirt and oil on my skin. I splash warm water to rinse the cleanser off my face and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth without that dreadful tight feel. I have oily to combo skin type so this is prefect for me. I have seen a reduction in congestion from using this cleanser over time so I will continue to keep this product in my skincare routine.  If you are looking for a refreshing gel cleanser that cleanses your skin but leaves it soft and smooth this cleanser is for you. I really like how little of this product I need for each cleanse and a bottle has lasted me over 6 months. Its a little pricey but since I only need a small amount of the cleanser each wash I feel its cost effective in the long run.  Pros Keeps congestion and sebum at bay  Lathers up quickly  Cost effective as products lasts a long time Mild scent  Refreshing on skin  Con Might be too drying for dry skin types 
This a great clear gel cleanser that foams up nicely.  It does not have a strong scent and I did not find  it stripped my skin as I am oily in the T zone and dry on the outer areas of my face. I am prone to break ups and this cleanser has been effective at cleaning my skin.  I used this morning  and night with no issues.