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Designer Brands Express Makeup Remover

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Gentle enough for sensitive skin, Designer Brands’ Express Makeup Remover dissolves waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipsticks quickly and easily without leaving an oily or soapy residue. The solution can also be used as a toner and is free from parabens and harsh ingredients.


Designer Brands Express Makeup Remover


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The Express Makeup Remover has a consistency that is similar to micellar water and it has a subtle scent. Some people might use the Express Makeup Remover to remove a whole face of makeup and/or long-wearing lipstick, but I bought the product to remove mascara. The product did a good job in removing non-waterproof mascara. When I tried to remove waterproof mascara with the product, sometimes I had to remove the residue with another brand of eye makeup remover. I never experienced eye irritation when using the Express Makeup Remover.