Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water is a micellar water cleanser formulated with milk to cleanse skin without drying it out. The formula contains micelles that cling to makeup, dirt and impurities to help cleanse skin without the need for vigorous rubbing, while the addition of milk hydrates skin for up to 24 hours and helps comfort dry and sensitive skin. The cleansing milk is fragrance-free and can be used on the face, eyes and lips.

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water


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The only Micellar water you need

I have been a long time advocate for this product having used it for years! This micellar water is super gentle which makes it perfect to use on my face, lips and eyes especially when I am wearing heavy makeup with a fake lashes. I am generous when pouring it on my face pad and I leave it on my eyes for around a minute. It dissolves majoirity of my eyelash glue and eye shadow within one swipe is awesome. The same goes when I wear long lasting matte lipstick which typically doesnt budge but does not hold up to this micellar water. I like that it doesn't have a scent to it, and the bottle is clear so I can see exactly how much product is left. This will forever be the OG micellar water and not sure if anything will ever top it.
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This product without a doubt changed the makeup skincare game! It takes dissolves all my heavy makeup completely without leaving any oily or greasy residue after. I was so shocked at how easily it takes off heavy mascara, dark eyeshadow and the toughest of lip stick. The packaging makes it so easy to use and just applying the smallest amount still goes a long way. 1 bottle can last me over 5 months! There's no hash smells and doesn't burn your skin in any way. I still don't know how it works but it is a god send. For all those times you feel lazy to take of your makeup and know how bad that will be for your skin, you need this product. So so easy to use and is super quick so you have no excuse to remove your makeup.

Very smooth and doesn’t irritate my eyes

I believe this needs a 10 out of 5!! Seriously I have spent hundreds of dollars on top end products to help me out and they all ended up on the street or the bin. This magical thing is like 15 bucks and does wonders!
The colour weirded me out at first, but the product works so well that you forget about it! I have some fairly stubborn makeup and it mostly got this off, but I found I had to go over it a few times or hold it there for this makeup to come off. I would recommend for lazy days or for when you get home late and don't want to wash your face properly!
Love it I haven’t used it in a while but it is great to remove makeup when you are lazy or tired after big night out. So simple but great quality for the price tag. You dont need to Use much to remove the makeup very soothing on my skin
As someone with highly sensitive skin, micellar water has been the best thing that's happened to me (goodbye makeup wipes and irritation). Garnier is my all time favourite, as it is reliable and affordable, My favourite is the normal sensitive skin one, but I like to try the different ones they release to see how they perform. This one works well for me, removes dirt and makeup (I only wear minimal makeup so unsure how it would handle a full glam face), and has not caused any irritation so far. I find my skin feels cleaner with the original micellar water, but I do think this one provides slightly more hydration. I think I will flick between the two depending on how my skin is at the time.
Garnier Micellar Milky Water. Beautiful to use. The micelles stick to the makeup to remove gently. I love nothing more than using a cotton ball and Milky water to wipe up and away my makeup with ease. The eye area is so soft and sensitive. My dry skin is so tender, if I’ve used other products it’s like a dry leaf wiping my skin. Scratchy and distressing in already touchy skin. The milky part of this product is what hydrated afterwards. So it’s working on my skin, gently. Milk is a healing, soothing liquid on skin. This product is gentle, fragrance-free and milky. I end my day with Garnier. Knowing my complexion is being nurtured.
Very affordable micellar water. It does take off most makeup minis heavy eye makeup however I recommend using it then follow by a cleanser. This made my combo oily skin breakout. I feel it left a film after using it and hence why I never went back to it. I think it’s perfect for those with dry skin or those that don’t wear makeup everyday.
I have very allergy prone skin which means it’s almost impossible to take my makeup off without having a minor rash or red patches left on my skin.  This micelellar formula does the trick and leaves me with a normal looking face with no makeup on which is very rare for me to find. It’s milky texture makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. 
GArnier micellar water with pink lid (the original) is always my favorite. This new type of milky micellar water is also not bad at all. It doesn’t sting my eyes and did the job well. I use this mainly to remove mascara/ eyeliner/ eyeshadow first, then  the whole face quickly. And after that I always wash my face with a mild face cleanser since I ‘m already used to it.  This milky micellar water is great for travelling and save me lots of time by cleaning the whole face and neck in less than 2 minutes. Price also great! 
I really loved the milky texture of this Garnier micelles cleansing milky water. I love that it’s super gentle so is perfect for sensitive skin as it removes all traces of grime oil and makeup without the need for harsh scrubbing and rubbing. Not only is it super gentle but it’s effective, it removes my makeup quickly and easily and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean and quite hydrated, not at all dry. It’s super economical and the pump bottle lasts for ages. I use this with makeup removal pads and it’s super easy. It had no nasty smell, no scent I could make out which is great as it’s strong enough to take off waterproof mascara. Loved this and would recommend it
This product is great - perfect for removing make up quickly on a daily basis, without drying my skin out - the milky formula gave it a heal hydrating boost. Would recommend this product for daily use and especially for when you need to quickly remove your make up at the end of the day.
I liked this Micellar water and felt it did a good job of getting any make up residue off of my face. I did find the stickiness it left on my face was a little uncomfortable and felt that I needed to rinse my face afterwards. I have extremely sensitive skin and had no reaction at all to the product. My eyes did sting slightly when removing eyeliner and mascara but I found this resolved very quickly.
I have used the original Garnier Micellar water to remove my makeup every night for so long. I have sensitive skin and this new sensitive skin Micellar Milky Water is great! If works just as well as the original but is slightly creamy. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth! I will definitely be using this from now on!
I found this micellar water did the job but didn't quite get rid of all my eyebrow gel or waterproof mascara. It didn't dry out my skin but did leave it a little tacky after use. I would probably still wash my face after using it. Didn't flare up any of my dermatitis and didn't sting even when I got it in mh eyes.
I just didn’t really like this product. I can’t even really tell you why because I don’t know. Even though it is unscented I didn’t like the smell it did have? I feel like even though it said not to rinse I wanted to and it really does against my whole “save the planet” mantra, using a cotton pad each time. I know you can use re-useable pads but most people don’t, and so if the majority are using the product how it is advertised it is bad for the environment with all the cotton pads being used ... anyway ... I diverge. In general I can see how some may like this, but is isn’t for me and I wouldn’t re-purchase.   Pro - I do have sensitive skin and didn’t react to this. So it at least lives up to the sensitive skin claims :) 
Like the usual micellar garnier products this definitely works. I find it struggles to compare to the ease of removing makeup of the original micellar water formula. You definitely need more of this product to removal all the makeup off well. I did think it was great on the skin.
I always loved the orginal Garnier Micellar Water, but this is a game changer for someone with very sensitive skin (like mine)! This is much more gentle on skin, especially the eye area as it is a more creamy and does not pull the skin. It removes all my face makeup with ease. I really do recommend the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water for anyone and a must for sensitive skin!
I am a big fan of Garnier's original micellar water, but I did not like this one as much. I really disliked the gelatinous texture and milky colour, however it does work perfectly well to remove makeup and clean the skin without leaving residue. I didn't find it to be any more or less irritating than the original, and I will not repurchase the milky water due to a texture preference.
I didn't love this product and I'm not too sure about it still. After application, I found that there was a slightly sticky residue after it had dried down on the face, I felt like I had to wash it off and the product does advertise that no rinsing is needed. I also found that the cotton pad would soak a lot of the product up so I can see going through a bottle of this quickly very easily.  It wasn't the best at removing make-up but it did a decent job and after a rinse, my face felt clean and soft.  However, I was pleased that there was no scent and didn't sting or cause any irritation.