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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel is a facial and body cleanser for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin. The foaming cleansing gel helps to control excess sebum while eliminating impurities to ensure skin is thoroughly cleansed. The cleanser has a pH of 5.5 and is free of soap, alcohol, colorants and parabens.

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel


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Facial washed review

I’ve try so many facial washed. It’s my first time using this . My skin is oily this product works so well on my skin stop the oil but not super drying liked others.
Works well for me! I have combination dry/oily skin so can't really have anything that's too strong  as a cleanser. I love how this product easily removes all my make up at the end of the day and isn't drying on my face like a lot of other cleansers but still give me that clean feel. I also really like the mild scent it has. Always bulk buying when it goes on sale!
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Foaming Gel ticks the boxes for me & my combination to oily skin prone to dehydration. Its fragrance, paraben, soap free & has a ph of 5.5 to neutralise skin. The container is a standard cleanser container with a flip top lid & contains 150mls. White in lotion this basic cleanser foams up on application to the skin with water. It does foam quite a lot but it does remove sunscreen & makeup very well. Excess oils are removed from the skin as well as pore clogging agents. Skin feels quite soft & smooth after use. It looks very clean which I like. I do occasionally find this cleanser can be drying on the skin which is unusual as I have combination skin. Skin can feel quite tight but I think its the foaming agents not so much the other ingredients. I also noticed that you need to use less of the product if this happens. That being said it does keep my skin breakout free. Its completely non irritating & I like it for combination/ oily skins/acne prone skin.
I have combination skin, it gets super oily in summer and quite dry in the winter. I love using this cleanser in summer, it cleans off the oily slick feeling on my skin without stripping it. You only need the tiniest bit and it creates a really nice lather. I find this cleanser keeps my acne at bay during the summer. I always use it as a second cleanse after makeup but in a pinch it works well to remove makeup. I struggle to use it during winter as it is a little too drying for that, and for that reason I would only recommend this to oily skinned friends. The bottle is expensive for a chemist cleanser, but it does last a really really long time and you can often get it on sale at priceline or chemist warehouse. This is a definite repurchase for me.
For my skin I can't just use any cleanser.  I have oily and acne prone skin that can get sensitive at times and if the cleanser is too harsh it can make my face dry and super itchy causing my skin to get red and irritated.  On the other hand, if it's too gentle my skin might still look oily and not feel clean.  There aren't many products on the market that are geared towards oily AND sensitive skin but La Roche Posay does and I'm grateful that they did.  This is one of my favourite foaming cleansers because it's simple, effective and consistent.  The gel is lightweight, foams up nicely and doesn't contain any soap or alcohol and it's pH balanced.  Just a small amount of the gel is all you need to thoroughly wash your face.  When I use this cleanser I know that it'll get the job done and leave my face feeling clean and fresh.  Even on my worst skin days when I have breakouts on my forehead and dryness on my cheeks it won't cause any problems.  On days when I wear makeup, it helps to dissolve and wash away my foundation, mascara and eyeshadow without any trouble.  It can also be used for the body which makes it a versatile, two in one product.
my all time favourite face wash. I have oily skin and this is the only face wash that helps control the oils whilst leaving my skin feeling amazing! Been using it for nearly a year now and hardly get break outs anymore. Great for everyday use as it’s super general on the skin, doesnt make your skin dry and gives you a clean refreshing skin.
I love this cleanser, it works so well on oily skin, doesn’t fully strip skin of natural oils but still leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. I have tried other cleansers but find I keep coming back to this one. My partner has even said he feels this is the better cleanser of all the ones we have tried so I think we will stick with it.
I really like this cleanser, I have just recently started using it and it’s great for my combination skin type.  It leaves my skin feeling really clean but with out stripping the hydration or leaving it irritated.  I think it helps to clear any blemishes I have and leaves my skin feeling soft.  I would recommend this for people with blemish prone and sensitive skin. I would buy it again. 
The Effaclar foaming gel is one of my favourite cleanser because it doesn't contain any ingredients that cause irritation to my skin. It does an excellent job in removing grimes, dirt and makeup residues without stripping out the hydration from my skin. I have dry and blemish skin during winter and this gel cleanser reduces blemishes and doesn't cause any irritation or skin feeling tight after use.
I have sensitive skin that is prone to congestion and break outs now and then on my tzones (I'm 30!!When will it end?!?!).I tried this as part of a 3 step system from La Roche Posay that targeted my specific skin conditions. I know La Roche Posay is well known for products for sensitive skin and they seem to have a lot of good reviews and general praise for having great products so I had high hopes from the beginning for this product. The cleanser comes packaged in a tube with a flip top lid and is a beautiful blue hue in the packaging. The product itself once dispensed,is actually a rich gel like texture that is clear in colour. The scent is absolutely lovely and mild and,if you are familiar to La Roche Posay products, it is similar to everything else I have tried from their line. I love it. The gel lathers up exceptionally well and cleanses and removes makeup and skin care from the day with ease. I was surprised to find that even though this was quite a foamy cleanser that it did not strip my skin of any moisture or leave it tight and uncomfortable as many foaming cleansers seem to do, Incredibly gentle. I didn't even need to double cleanse( unless wearing heavier foundation) as this removed everything. My only advice is to avoid the eye area with this one as it can sting if any gets near your eyes! Overall,I am very happy with this gentle cleanser. It does all it claims to do whilst still leaving my skin soft and smooth
By now,most of you will have realised that anything "K beauty" is both very much "on trend" and on the radar of just about any beauty lover worthy of the name,BUT before that was another beauty "trend" that was more than just a trend,it was a beauty lovers paradise....French pharmacy beauty. I embraced this whole thing years ago,and of course made several La Roche-Posay mine over in France,but thankfully it has been on our shores for a while now,so getting it doesn't involve a 20+ hour flight to get.A good cleanser is the cornerstone to any skincare regime,and this....the Effaclar Foaming Gel,is a wonderful,gentle, yet very effective cleansing gel that has the foaming i love...but with the care of a milk cleanser that i should use more often. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel is a facial and body cleanser is a facial and body cleanser (yep,this beauty can save you room in your luggage by doing double duty) that deeply cleanses the skin (i know that this range is aimed at a younger / acne prone / oilier skin type,but honestly,as someone with a more mature / drier / no acne issues at all,save for the one or two that crop up once a month,right on schedule,this still leaves my skin feeling amazing and clean without a need to apply something moisturising immediately skin really is that comfortable ) with a lush foam that doesn't feel as if you are stripping your skin.It also removes daily grime,makeup (my sunscreen / mineral powder foundation / longwear lippy and waterproof liner were gone with minimal effort) and oils (whether your own or applied,like my serums) so beautifully,and minus several nasties that damage the skin's natural balance,and throw out it's pH (yes,yes..i DO note the SLS addition).What makes this brand so wonderful is the inclusion of pure thermal spring water to calm and soothe all skin types,and this product contains Zinc to help heal and reduce breakouts,which is why this can be great as a body wash as well if body breakouts are a thing for you. And what about the product itself ? Well,this 200ml tube (which is the most beautiful,calming sea blue in hue) contains this clear,clean smelling gel which lathers on contact with water (only a small amount is needed,and at around $25,this is truly good skincare at a pocket money pricepoint).Finally,this will last you for a good few months with daily,facial only use,and it feels cooling when applied.This is truly a "must have" in summer,or when a good foam up is what you are looking for at the end of the day. TIP:Use this as a second cleanse in a double cleanse routine if you have issues with excess sebum (after using an oil or balm type cleanser) or first if you have a drier visage (follow with a balm or oil cleanser) to get deep down,skin respecting cleansing.
I have sensitive skin and loved this foaming gel cleanser as its free from soap, alcohol, colorants and parabens so it never irritates and is super gentle. I also have an oily tzone and the cleanser effectively reduces oil for a reduction is shine and fresher skin. Its super easy to use and foams well, rinsing clear. After using this my skin feels so clean and fresh and feels soft, its quite hydrating and not at all drying as some gel cleansers can be. Its really well priced as I never need to use a lot and is packaged nicely. This is a great quality gel cleanser for anyone prone to acne or oily skin, its really effective and I would recommend it.
This is a wonderful foaming gel by La Roche-Posay which is perfect for my combination skin and for my hubby's sensitive skin. I use this as the second step in my cleansing routine - after a cleansing oil. It does wonders removing all traces of makeup and impurities and I'm not left with that awful tightness that I have felt with some other cleansing gels.  I like the packaging and the flip top cap which is attached makes it a wonderful travel companion. Also the squeeze tube which is top down makes it great to get every last bit of cleanser out. I love that this cleanser is free of soap, alcohol and parabens. Just another tick in my book!
This has been one of my favourite cleanser of all time. I was introduced to the Effaclar line about 10 years ago and I have been a fan. This cleanser is great for those with oily and combination skin. It has a clear texture, quick thick. A little goes a long way so we need just a tiny amount. It lathers like crazy and it is amazing at removing dirst, make up traces and sebum from the skin. I never noticed any drying out etc. This kind of cleanser, like Effaclar one, is the best for my skin. It makes my skin clean, glowy and ready for some treatments. I dream about the day when I will be able to buy it in a bottle with a pump instead of a plastic tube ( as the cap is sometimes tricky to open). I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive or dry skins.
This product is in a large squeezable tube with a flip lid and has such a lovely fresh smell. The product comes out in a thin worm amount so you do need to squeeze quite a bit of product. I love that this product is gentle enough to wash your whole face, even around your eyes but it is not a deep clean and find I need to use another cleanser to do the job properly. Good for everyday use.
Ever since I discovered La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel it has literally been my go-to skincare product for breakouts. it also works so well with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Plus, which you can buy in a starter pack together. I personally have sensitive skin and this is one of the very few skin care product that works for all types of skin including sensitive skin. I use it every day as it helps to clear my pore giving me a fresh face to start the day off. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel works best if used routinely to see the best result for your skin.
This is one of my favourite cleansers. I love that it is soap free. It doesn't dry out my sensitive skin but still leaves it feeling clean. You only need a little bit to clean your whole face because it foams up very well. I would definitely repurchase this.
I have really enjoyed using this cleanser, it was gentle enough in my skin so as not it irritate it, but foamed up well, giving me a cleansed feeling! I saw a noticeable difference when I began it use it and my acne has cleared up big time. I used it in conjunction with my Clarisonic, which had amazing results and all in all have had a very pleasant experience!
I enjoyed using cleanser and was nice and gentle on the skin. The product also seemed to work really well when removing makeup. The cleanser does help to reduce any untoward breakouts, however, it did leave my skin feeling a little dry. Other than that this product is really nice to use
I'm a big fan of La Roche Posay moisturisers but have never tried their cleansers before. I am not sure why but I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed this product. I think it's because the word foaming scares me slightly as I have dehydrated and sensitive skin and steer away from stripping cleansers. The gel feels quite cooling on the skin and doesn't make my skin feel tight after use. I use this as a second cleanser, after I have removed my makeup with an oil cleanser and find it does a good job. I've also done a bit of research and noticed that the ph level of this cleanser is 5.5(based on the priceline website) which confirms to me that it does a great job of "cleaning" the skin without stripping it of it's natural oils/chemicals.