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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser is a makeup remover and facial cleanser for dry, intolerant and sensitive skin types. The cleanser helps to thoroughly remove makeup without drying or irritating the skin.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser


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Great for those pesky little pimples that seem to grow around the chin and forehead. I bought this as it was on special and need a cleanser asap. I noticed after a few washes that my little pimples were literally popping out and not returning! My skin looked brighter, oiliness along the t-zone reduced and skin felt deep cleaned.  The formula is quite thin so I also used this as a dry scrub to wipe off a full face of makeup before washing again with the product. It is gentle on the eyes to, no stingy sensations afterwards so great for tough mascaras.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants an everyday cleanser, I dont think its something that will cure problematic skin as such but I believe it will help those who want an easy face wash while in the shower or something to take of a full face of makeup.
Okay, so WOW! I LOVE this product, I have been using it for around a year or so now as my face wash actually, removes any excess residue so well and most of all, the texture of the product is soft and gentle for my sensitive skin. No irritation on my skin whatsoever, a definite 10/10.
The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser works really well if you do not intend for it to remove makeup.  What I like: It is very gentle  It has a nice texture and feel when applying  It is fragrance free  It is good for sensitive skin  It doesn't leave the face dry and tight You can just pat dry, no need to rinse afterward Room for improvement: It doesn't work well to remove makeup unless you use a cotton pad with it I would prefer a pump bottle, I find it hard to open the lid! 
This is a great basic cleanser! I have mature (46yrs) dry, sensitive skin with rosacea and have tried various cleansers over the years. When I choose a cleanser I try to pick one that wont irritate my skin in anyway and also wont leave my face with that dry and tight feeling that can so often happen.  This product can take make up off ok, but I tend to double-cleanse now so its either my only morning cleanser or used as a second-cleanser in my evening routine after using an oil based first cleanse. Its a thin (but not watery) liquid with no fragrance that I could smell. I use it with water and it doesn't foam up in any way, it reminds me very much of the CeraVe hydrating cleanser.  After cleansing, it leaves my skin clean and supple, with no feeling of being tight or dry, and there have been times when I've not followed up with moisturiser straight away and my skin feels fine. Its never irritated my rosacea and I've had no negative reaction to this cleanser whatsoever, definitely  recommend if you have skin issues like mine.
This cream cleanser is a brilliant multi use product. You can use it on dry skin and tissue off, or use it in the shower on wet skin and wash off.  It is super gentle, yet also does a great job of removing make up and sunscreen.  It is easy to dispense, has a lotion type consistency and no scent. My sensitive skin loves this cleanser.
This is my must have cleanser. I love this brand so much and this gorgeous cleanser is so gentle and super effective. The texture is a gel like cream, so silky, rich, thick and luxe and ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin as it causes no irritation. It’s easy to use, just massage in and it rinses off easily leaving my skin so clean clear and feeling soft and smooth, it doesn’t leave a nasty tight dry feeling after cleansing like some cleansers do, it’s actually quite hydrating. I love to use this cleanser at night to remove oil and grime then follow up with a good night cream. It’s good value as I only use a small amount in the palm of my hand which makes the product last for ages. I can’t find a negative and will buy this product again and absolutely would recommend it.
I've struggled for years to find suitable cleansers and facial products as I'm prone to extreme dryness and bouts of eczema occasionally. I'm pleased to say that I have not had any facial eczema for the past year and one of the reasons is because I now use this Toleriane cleanser on a daily basis. I use it to remove my makeup and other surface dirt in the first step of my skincare routine each night. I love it how it works brilliantly at removing mascara, eyebrow pencil, foundation and other 'heavy duty' things from my face, yet it's completely gentle, non-irritating and leaves my skin very happy, soft and fresh. It's now an essential part of my facial routine.
Now that I have finished using a bottle of the Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser I can say this is my must-have cleanser when my skin is extremely dry during the cooler months. My skin gets very dry and sensitive with redness during winter and the cleansers that I used in the pass are now giving my skin irritation, redness and/or breakouts. Thank goodness that I discovered the Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser as it is super gentle on skin but strong enough to remove impurities such as dirt, grimes and makeup residues. It gives my face a good cleanse and adds hydration to my skin. My skin feels clean and smooth after use.
This was my first ever LRP product and is now part of my everyday routine. I came down with a bad flare up of eczema and perioral dermatitis and was recommended this cleanser by my LED light facialist. Its fragance free and has very few ingredients which reduces the chances of flare up for sensitve skin gals like me :)  It's a lotion type cleanser with no scent and doesn't foam. I use this on a dry face and massage my face with it for about 60 secs. It's not strong enough to remove eye make up thoroughly but it removes my tinted moisturiser and sunscreen with no issues. It leaves skin soft and calm. I believe this cleanser has really helped to build up my skin barrier again as it doesn't strip my skin of moisture. Would highly recommend this for sensitive dry skin, or normal skin types during winter months. 
I like that the packaging is simple and clear and comes with instructions in different languages. I would prefer slightly larger font and a pump bottle to make it easier to dispense, however the current bottle is totally fine with no issues. It has a lid that you flip open and then squeeze out the cleanser.  My skin can be sensitive and I had no issues or reactions with this cleanser, it feels very gentle and light. I also like that it is fragrance free. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  I don't wear makeup often, and the few times I have I did use a cotton pad to assist and this worked well, though I did need to wipe more than usual. However, because it is so gentle I didn't mind this.  I recommend this for sensitive skin, it is a high quality product. 
This is a permanent item in my bathroom. I have reactive skin with slight rosacea. Occasionally I have IPL for vaso dilation. At these times I wear little makeup and am very gentle with my skin. This product is perfect; very few ingredients which means less chances of irritation. I would not use this as a first cleanse. I use it after removing any makeup or sunscreen first and as a cleanser in the morning. I massage it gently into my skin and splash off with tepid water. I find it cleanses my skin without stripping my skin barrier.
Keeping it simple, I was not overly impressed with this cleanser. It was no good on my face in the morning, leaving a residue, and requiring copious amounts of water and wiping to make me feel 'clean'. However, this product does a great job at removing makeup at the end of the day (or evening). The issue: I found I needed to use quite a bit! That said, it's great with sensitive skin, and great with contact lens wearers (of which I am). It seems wasteful to use so much product, and expensive to boot.
One of my absolute favourites for dry, irritated winter skin. It's a staple in my collection! Like all LRP products, simple is the name of the game. The cleanser is a lovely, silky and opalescent, and does an effective job of cleansing without using harsh ingredients or irritating fragrance. I do recommend removing heavier eye and lip makeup before you get stuck in with this stuff, as it may not be able to break down tougher products, but I would suggest doing that no matter the cleanser you use.
I recently heard that one should double cleanse face atleast once a day. Since I have oily skin type I was not too comfortable with the idea of using a moisturizing cleanser. However, when I tried it, wiped it with a face tissue (I don't like using towels to wipe off products), my skin felt really soft. I was under the assumption that this would make my skin more oily. However, it felt clean yet healthy. I am so glad I tried  this. Now sometimes when I am lazy, I just clean my face using this without bothering to double cleanse and get up from my bed to use water cleanser;) :P
La Roche-Posay products are usually a huge win for me. However, this cleanser has me on the fence. It is a cream cleanser, it's not like your traditional cleanser where you wet your face, apply the product and then rise to remove. It's a great consistency and leaves the skin feeling fresh as it doesn't strip away all your natural oils which I appreciate as I have combination skin. However, it doesn't fully remove make up. I found myself using my other La Roche-Posay cleaners along with this product. I found it more of a moisturising cleanser after my more stripping cleanser. If you have very dry and sensitive skin I can see this product working well for you. If you have oily to combination skin it will still work well, but I do not believe it will the most effective product for you. I would not repurchase. I think I will stick to the Effaclar Foam gel and moisturising after,
i would use this cleanser every night after my oil cleanser, i preferred to use and oil cleanser before because i felt like this cleanser didn't make my face feel as clean, one thing i did like about the cleanser is that it made my face nice and soft. my face also looked less irritated after washing. i liked to pair this cleanser with the serum for the best effect.
I have some mixed feelings about this one. For me personally this didn't remove my makeup at all, it just moved it around to a big mess and burnt my eyes terribly. I still had to use makeup wipes or micella water to remove my makeup. It does make a good gentle cleanser and didn't irritate my face or my acne, but at the same time I found myself having to wash my face a few hours later because it was too oily if I didn't rinse it, which was optional. You could get away with not rinsing it off if you have EXTREMELY dry skin. I have pretty dry skin but this was definitely too thick and oily for me to leave on  As a nice gentle cleanser, it's great, especially if you have super dry skin.  As a makeup remover, it's awful. 
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This cleanser is super soothing and hydrating. It leaves my skin feel super plump, fresh and soft. This is amazing on my super dry skin. I love using this, however I'm not 100% sure on how great it is at removing makeup. I would use this on days where I haven't worn any makeup. I would still repurchase just because of how soft it makes my skin.
Used this instead of my usual makeup remover and I’m honestly in love! I have very sensitive skin and this was so gentle on my skin and removed all my makeup whilst leaving my skin feeling hydrated afterwards which I don’t usually get using my normal makeup remover Definitely would recccomend, and also great because it doesn’t have a super strong scent which is nice 
This cleanser was lovely to use. It had no scent, was creamy without being greasy, and it left my skin feeling just right (not dry like many cleansers do, and not oily). I preferred to rinse off though rather than just patting dry as suggested. I would definitely continue to use this product.