Lancôme Galatée Confort

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Lancome Galatée Confort is a creamy cleanser for dry skin. It is rich in emollients that gently and effectively melt away makeup and impurities. Infused with nourishing milk-protein, moisturisers and softeners, the cleanser leaves skin feeling clean, soft and soothed. 


Lancôme Galatée Confort


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This might just be the Holy Grail of cleansers. It is the perfect first cleanse, or in a pinch the only cleanse. It removes everything: makeup, sunblock, the day's dirt and even stubborn eye makeup. My skin tends to be unbalanced: dry but prone to breakouts which lead to sensitivity but it doesn't irritate at all. Yes it is a bit expensive but once you start using this you don't need anything else, I've even stopped getting a separate eye makeup remover and don't need multiple facial cottons to get my makeup off. I massage it onto my skin and then gently remove with a damp flannel and it leaves my face soft, calm and balanced. Will keep buying as long as Lancome keep making it (which has been a few decades already).
I am honestly in love with this cleansing milk. It is so gentle on your skin, mine especially is extremely sensitive and gets dry easily.  It keeps my skin feeling soft, tight and blemish free. I use the Galatee Confort at night, to cleanse and remove makeup.  It smells amazing, it's so soft to touch, and I still cannot believe how lightweight is feels- more gentle than water. I simply rinse my face with warm water, apply the cleaning milk to my face with a clean face towel, rubbing in circles, then rinse it off with cool water. I have recommended this product to many friends and will continue to do so because it is AMAZING!!!