Lancôme Gel Éclat

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Lancôme Gel Éclat is a clarifying cleanser foam for all skin types including sensitive skin. The foam is so fine and voluminous that it penetrates deep into the pores to gently liberate the skin from impurities and toxins. The formula contains ingredients of natural origin for a perfect affinity with the skin, with antioxidant white lotus to preserve skin's youth, and dermo-soothing Rose de France. 


Lancôme Gel Éclat


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This is one of my favourite cleansers. I have now purchased a second tube.  The product worked very well with my combination skin type. I also easily break out with acne.  You only need a very small amount and it lathers up into a foamy & creamy consistency. It's not a cleanser made for removing makeup or waterproof products, so you'd need a makeup wipe or oil cleanser pre this. I typically use this cleanser in the morning. It also smells very good.  Highly recommend. 
I love this cleanser. Smells and feels great and my skin really does feel clean after using it. I’m not huge on spending on cleansers as I feel like it’s on my face for seconds at a time when I shower... I will usually put more money into my face moisturisers, night creams and serums and will get a basic cleanser that does the job. I do however feel this one is a step above the mark and when it runs out I will be going to get another! I suppose what I really like about it is I feel like it’s not wasted. As in, when I rub the gel together and put it on my face it goes into a thick creamy lather and I feel like it’s on my face and doing the job and I have to really wash it off. I feel like it’s doing it’s job instead of half of it being washed away in the water before I even put it on. I love the smell of it too :)
When I want to splurge on skincare, or need something luxurious to perk me up, I'll always go straight for a cleanser. I always seem to have a cupboard full of cleansers as I love to chop and change, and they are my purchase of choice. I think because I have oily skin, I get more pleasure from a cleanser than from a cream or serum. My daily use products are generally fragrance free but sometimes I really crave the joy that comes from using a nice smelling product. In terms of fragrance, nothing comes close to this cleanser. The scent is so good. It just transports me back in time to the days of silver screen actresses and French glamour. I have a love of all things vintage and Lancome is one of those brands who embody all the things of the past that I love. The best bit is, their formulations haven't stayed in the past, instead they have some great products with the latest technology and ingredients. This cleanser isn't too complicated. It doesn't have a huge number of ingredients and doesn't make wild claims. It's designed to clean your skin and feel (and smell) nice while you do it.  The texture of this is like a sticky gel, but when mixed with water it transforms into a super fine foam. It really does feel nice to use, and it leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dry and tight. Unfortunately no cleanser can penetrate into the pore and clean them of impurities and toxins, but it certainly removed impurities from the surface of my skin. I also use this to remove makeup, although no eye makeup, and it works well. It's good to use after an oil cleanser or if you've taken your eye makeup off with micellar water or eye makeup remover. The cushion'y texture of this cleanser makes it perfect for using with a Clarisonic as well. $55/$60 is a lot to spend on a cleanser, and I've used a lot of great ones that were far cheaper, but for me this is worth it as I use it sparingly to ensure it lasts a long time. It has a no fuss tube which is great to use in the shower and the lid pops open easily, which is amazing as so many tubes are hard to open.  If you're looking to splurge, or you want to try Lancome, this is a great product to start with.  
Lancôme Gel Éclat a little piece of France every time I wash my face, delicate and light to the skin like a fluffy macaroon to my tastebuds. Smooth gel texture to touch just mixed through your finger tips rubbed on your face and a simple rinse that is all required for a youthful touch