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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Daily Cream is an anti-ageing daily moisturiser for mature skin. It helps visibly correct wrinkles, re-densify skin and re-support contours with active ingredients including concentrated pro-xylane, fragmented hyaluronic acid and LHA.

“Restore parched skin with the deeply nourishing moisturiser. It’s been supercharged with hyaluronic acid – an incredible ingredient that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water"
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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Daily Cream


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I haven’t found one L’Oreal anti-ageing skincare range that I don’t like but just because I like a particular range doesn’t mean to say I won’t try another, which lead me to trying the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Daily Cream.    Who wouldn’t want to use a cream that helps to visibly correct wrinkles, re-densify the skin and re-support contours.  I have mature skin so I put this anti-ageing daily moisturiser to the test.    This moisturiser is packaged in a bright red, glass jar with a screw-top lid.  The cream is an off-white shade and has a velvety creamy texture.  The fragrance is quite strong, which I find with a lot of the L’Oreal skincare products, but I don’t mind a fragranced moisturiser so it doesn’t bother me.    Before I apply the moisturiser I thoroughly cleanse my skin and then apply a L’Oreal serum.  Although the moisturiser looks quite thick it is actually lightweight when applied to the skin and it absorbs with ease.  The moisturiser spreads evenly over my skin making it feel and look well hydrated nd smooth.  The moisturiser doesn’t feel tacky or greasy on my skin.    This cream plumps the skin and makes it look smoother and firmer so the fine lines and wrinkles look less obvious.  And, of course, softening of fine lines and wrinkles gives a more youthful look.    I can apply my primer over the day cream and then apply a BB cream, liquid foundation or mineral powder foundation without any pilling or flaking.  All products apply evenly and effortlessly over the day cream.    I use the Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream in conjunction with the Revitalift Laxer X3 Night Cream and although I don’t think it is my favourite L’Oreal skincare range it is still a good one which I am happy to use and recommend.   
Spending a relatively large amount of money for me on a skin product is a rarity. But having used it for some weeks now i ask myself " Will I buy it again?' and my answer is a "definite yes". I love the way it feels on my face..... it's silky smooth, not at all greasy and I do believe my skin is improved. A small amount goes along way too so i feel it's well worth the investment.
I have high hopes for this face cream especially with all the great reviews i have seen. However, this product just don't quite work for me. For a price of nearly $45, the jar design (colour and prints) just look a little mediocre. The quality of the jar itself is alright, just the look of it is way too simple and empty. Almost like they have forgotten to print something on the jar. The cream itself is white, smells pleasant, spreads easily. However, my BIG issue with it is that it piles up and doesn't get absorbed. It just sits on my skin and after 15-20 minutes, if i give my skin a gentle rub, little flakes will come out. Because of this reason, i will not be recommending this product.
I've always had excellent results with L'oreal skincare, and this gem of a cream is no exception.  A targeted anti-ageing cream for women 40 and over, I've found this cream delivers exactly what it promises. I have used it twice daily as part of an ongoing skincare regime, and used it in conjunction with my favourite facial oils i.e. rosehip oil or jojoba oil.  The cream has a moderately rich texture without being overly thick, and has a lovely fragrance too - those sensitive to fragrance in skincare may do best to avoid this cream, but if it's not an irritant for you, you'll be likely to enjoy the scent. It's presented in a heavy square red jar that I must say is some of the best looking skincare packaging on the market.  Stylish with a capital S. it t looks amazing on my bathroom shelf.  That said, the size and weight of the jar took me by surprise, it's certainly not streamlined or compact in any way. Personally I'd prefer the product had a pump dispenser, but it does work well in a jar too. I'm now mid-life, so have skin that needs all the help it can get to keep those dreaded wrinkles away and stop gravity in its tracks.   My skin is combination, and I find unfortunately that some anti-ageing moisturisers are too rich, feel too heavy, or even cause breakouts.  Happy to report that I've had no issues with this product, it applies readily, absorbs quickly & doesn't leave my skin feeling as if it's overloaded with product.  No sign of any breakouts using it either. Regular use has given me skin that's beautifully soft, hydrated, properly moisturised & in superb condition. It feels & looks firmer too, the ingredients that target gravity and loss of contours really do their job properly.  Also, despite my sensitive tzone being often irritated by some creams, Laser 3 has not irritated my skin in any way. This works as well as moisturisers that cost 2 x or 3 x more, and is fantastic value at under $45 a jar. Highly recommended.
I have been using this product for just over 2 weeks and found it good although probably extra beneficial if you have more mature or very, dry skin as it's extremely moisturising.  I made the mistake of putting too much on the first time and then I felt my makeup was sliding on top of it, so the trick is not to over apply if you are putting makeup on. I love the thick, rich texture as it gives it a premium feel but will be returning to my regular moisturiser simple because it is more suited to my skin type which is slightly oily.
As I have normal skin, I found this face moisturiser great for me. It left my face/neck feeling light and hydratedall day, not oily at all. 
Its hard to judge this product by itself as I was using it in conjunction with the serum. . I did find the fragrance a little strong but the smell dissipated quiet quickly. I also found it a little greasy but it didnt clog up my pores.  A great combination of products to use.
With an oily complexion i was very unsure about using this alongside the laser serum, however i did find that they complemented each other well and still felt nice and light on my skin. I will be continuing to use this along with the serum.
In the past I have used moisturizers  that were over the $150 range so I was slightly skeptical of this. The moisturizer is soft and silky however I found the scent to be a bit overwhelming.  I also prefer products that come in a pump rather than a jar for hygiene reasons. days. After a few hours my skin still felt soft and that it had properly absorbed it. It worked well with my makeup as well which is always the big test for me.  I recommend using this product with the L’OrealRevitalift Laser x 3  serum as they work very well together. Now for the most important part, did it work – well the other day I was sitting around a pool with no makeup on and my friend made a comment that I was the only one who didn’t need Botox. I’ve also had a few people comment on how good my skin has looked recently. I am kind of kicking myself on spending so much money on serums and moisturizers in the past when I could get something better for cheaper.  
I didn't notice any difference using this product. It is easy to use, but did my skin feeling a little oily.
I loved this cream. It made my dry skin feel soft and cared for.
This was a nice cream with a pleasant fragrance that matched well with the serum.  I did find that the cream was a bit heavy and I prefer that my daily moisturiser contains a SPF of at least 15.   I think this made my skin a bit greasy initially but overall I felt the results were favorable.
Lovely mousturiser for mature skin, designed to help with wrinkle reduction. A real treat for thirsty skin, perfect for daily use. Since using the product Ive noticed the difference. Will definately buy the product again!
Pure luxury, from opening the packaging, to the scent and texture of the cream. My skin feels firmer, smoother and is more radiant.
While the cream in conjunction with the serum did make my skin feel nice, it made my skin feel oily in the morning and I did not like it as a day cream as it didn't have any spf. After 2 weeks my husband reckons I have less wrinkles around my eyes.
It had a great texture and felt lovely to apply, however, there was no indication on packing if it has sunscreen protection.
Beautifully packaged in a lovely red jar the cream had a thick consistency to it but absorbed quite quickly upon applying to my skin. The absolute beauty of this product was it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy afterwards. My skin feels smoother and softer and the cream has a subtle/soft fragrance. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to anyone. It's a must have for todays beauty regime.
What a beautiful product. loved the fragrance and modern packaging. Beautiful on my skin, however I found it better as a night cream so my skin.
A lovely cream that left my skin feeling very smooth and bright.  The fragrance of it was too strong for me, which I found off putting.
The daily cream, used in conjunction with the serum, was easy to apply, smelt great and left my skin feeling highly rejuvenated with a beautiful glow. I definitely recommend it.