LUMA Fresh Start Cleansing Gel

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LUMA Fresh Start Cleansing Gel is a nourishing gel cleanser formulated with coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and carrot seed extract to cleanse skin of dirt, makeup, oil and impurities while leaving it soft, supple and radiant.


LUMA Fresh Start Cleansing Gel


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Ooo I love love love this cleansing gel from Luma! I recently bought one when it was on sale and have been using it for the past month or so to remove my makeup and cleanse my face at night. Every time I use it, it literally just melts the makeup off my face. The gel has a nice, milky consistency, and although it's made with coconut oil, it never feels oily on my skin or leaves a bad residue. Even on days when I'm not wearing makeup I like to use a little bit to wash my face before bed because I feel like it makes my skin feel extra clean and fresh. Cleansers that remove my eye makeup without requiring me to tug and pull at my skin are a winner for me and this one does the job perfectly.  It also has a nice hydrating effect with the mixture of natural rose water and coconut oil, and my skin looks healthier and more glowing after having used it for a month now. Am definitely hoping that this effect lasts! The coconut oil also helps to make my skin feel softer and more supple. This cleanser is definitely suitable for all skin types, but people with sensitive skin will especially benefit from it I think!