Neutrogena® Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes

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Neutrogena® Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes are cleansing wipes that help remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, and other impurities from the face. The wipes contain Neutrogena®’s Triple Micellar Technology™, which combines three types of gentle cleansers to effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil while leaving the skin purified.


Neutrogena® Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Wipes


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This make up remover wipes from Neutrogena is a nice fresh cleansing wipe. It has a refreshing cucumber scent which makes it a treat to use. It is easy to hold and doesn't roll and scrunch up when I use it in my face. It removes my daily makeup, including foundation. It is gentle enough to use around my eyes, and doesn't irritate or pull on the skin. This wipe can be used on the face, neck and décolletage to clean and freshen the skin.  After use, my skin felt soft and refreshed. It felt soft to the touch and there is no makeup on my face. A great product for everyday easy removal of makeup. 
I really love nuetrogena products and these cleansing wipes are no exception. They work really effectively to remove all traces of dirt, oil, makeup and grime to leave my skin super fresh, clean and clear while also being hydrated. They are not at all harsh or drying and are so easy to use.just wipe over skin to remove all traces of dirt, they smell great and are super healthy economical. I love the soothing cucumber effect of these wipes, overall a great product I would recommend to others.
These wipes are the best I have tried. They do what they said they will. The wipe has a slight scent of mint adding to the fresh felling after use. One wipe removed all my make up, including water proof mascara. The re-sealable pack makes it easy to keep wipes moist and the package size is small enough to comfortably fit into your handbag. I did however find even thought my face felt clean and refreshed this product left me with a slightly oily feeling on my skin until it had fully dried.
These wiper were amazing, I loved them! They made my skin feel so fresh and I felt I could smell mint which made it feel so much more refreshing. It made my skin feel so soft, oil free and clean. I will definitely be a regular buyer of these wipes.
These wipes removed all my make up but did struggle with the last of my waterproof mascara. The pouch seals well, which is often an issue with these type of wipes. The scent is nice and they left my skin feeling fresh. I would definitely buy these again as I think they did the job better than other micellar water wipes!
These wipes removed all my makeup. However, it didn't remove all my waterproof mascara so I had to go back in with another eye makeup remover. But regardless, it's gentle on the skin and didn't leave any burning sensations like other wipes did on my skin. Very convenient and travel-friendly also!
I found these removed makeup quite well, and I really like the fragrance! I did find however that after a few days of using them my skin started to break out, which is unusual for me. Not sure if they weren’t removing my makeup completely (I normally use an oil cleanser as my first cleanse) or whether I was slightly sensitive to it. I’ll probably continue to use it once in a while when I am feeling particularly tired/lazy as they are really easy!
I don't really like these wipes. Firstly, the scent is a bit much for me. I'd rather they didn't have a scent at all. The packaging is ok, but I'd prefer something more Eco friendly like a cylindrical box that has a lid.   In terms of removing makeup, the got most of it off.they didn't get all my mascara off though (it wasn't even waterproof). I'm not a fan of most makeup wipes in general as I prefer either an oil cleanser or a fragrance free gentle facewipe.
I am an extreme loyalist to the original Neutrogena makeup removing wipes - so when putting these to the test I  was a bit more critical in comparison to my holy grail. I honestly did love these! They weren't as wet as the original wipes but they still did the job effortlessly! I have extremely sensitive skin and these wipes didn't irritate me at all! In regards to clearing blemishes - I don't think I have used it enough to make my decision on that yet but look forward to seeing the results. Overall, I would definitely purchase these again and would recommend them to anyone!
I didn’t mind this product. The light scent was good, though I did find that they were a little bit dry. Overall though they did remove the make up quite well. I probably wouldn’t buy this product again, though would recommend it for someone who has oily skin.
I didn’t not like these wipes for my face. They are great for removing swatches and stuff like that but I felt like they left a residue on my skin and didn’t actually do much to take my makeup off. I would much rather just use a cleansing oil to take my makeup off instead.
These wipes personally weren’t a big hit for me. I found the smell overwhelming and that they dried out while trying to take my makeup off. While they did the job of removing make up I still felt like there was a tacky residue left on my skin. Definitely worth a try to see if they work for your own skin though!
These wipes were really good at taking all my makeup off and definitely weren't dry, however, I do wish they had a little bit moisture to them. I found that they were a little rougher than other wipes I've used and didn't weren't as wet. They were great to use on the days I didn't want to do a full cleansing routine and just wanted to rub off my makeup.
These wipes leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed, not dry at all. They have a really fresh scent which I really like, they also aren't too damp so they aren't leaving heaps of residue on your face. They are a good size as well, which means you really can remove your whole face with one wipe. They also don't dry out quickly. I love the bright packaging and would purchase in the future. 
I am not the ultimate fan of these wipes, but am not a hater either. They are lightly scented and refreshing to use. I find a lot of wipes leave my skin feeling dry and dull, however, these wipes did nothing of the sort. In fact, they were really quite beautiful and gentle on the skin. Thier downfall for me was removing my mascara. Foundation, wiped away with ease, ut my mascara- I finally nailed the crying clown look. So I would have to use my regular makeup remover in conjunction with the wipes. The wipes themselves feel to dry to work on the skin, but don't let the lack of moisture fool you, they do actually work. If I were buying cleansing wipes, I reckon these would definitely be in my top 3.
Neutroguena has makes some of the best makeup wipes, this one definitely disappoint either. This got rid of all my makeup without drying out my skin like some wipes do. There’s no weird residue leftover and my skin even feels softer! There is a fragrance too it but it isn’t overpowering.
These wipes are great. They removed my makeup with ease and made my skin feel clean and refreshed. They also have a nice scent to them, not to overpowering. The only thing that sets them back is the price is a little high, but other than that can't fault.
I would definitely recommend the Neutrogena deep clean purifying towelettes. To start with the towelette is a generous thickness and dosen't dry out. This product is gentle and dosen't leave your skin feeling dry. Its perfect for on the go ladies or after gym for a quick freshen up.
I thought the wipes might be too wet on first appearances as I could see bumps on the wipe.however it was the right consistency and worked a treat. It removed not only my makeup but a layer of dirty. The skin felt refreshed , and clean with no irritation . Definitely works for my sensitive skin!
These wipes are AMAZING for someone who is super busy and on the go like me! A quick wipe and your skin is left feeling clean, soft, and refreshed! Makeup is removed with ease (no scrubbing)! I'll be buying these again for sure as my skin loved them morning and night!