Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes

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Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes are cleansing wipes that work to instantly remove makeup, including waterproof mascara, and other impurities from the face. The wipes contain hyaluronic acid to add hydration back into the skin. Dermatologist tested, oil-free, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.


Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes


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My favourite wipes!

These Neutrogena Hydro Boost Wipes are truly the best. The remove all of my makeup including waterproof eye liner and mascara. I use them sometimes after the gym if I can go straight home for a shower. They clean away all impurities and hydrate the skin. They contain Hyaluronic acid too. The wipes are super soft and non scratchy. They do not leave your skin feeling greasy or shiny. I also sometimes will use them in the morning if I'm time poor and don't have time to wash my face with water and a cleanser.

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes

Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes are makeup removing wipes with a little bonus...Hydration!! I love that it is gentle enough to remove the makeup from your eyes and face boosting hydration and leaving a refreshed clean soft skin. They smell lovely and do not cause any skin sensitivities. Then there is the benefit of the hyaluronic acid my skin feels plump and hydrated all day and all night long. I have used this product for years it is an excellent product and the best to stock up on when it is on special at the chemist.

No more makeup

These wipes are soft and do an excellent job of removing makeup. I always have them handy in my purse because they are refreshing to use on a hot day. I always buy them on sale, making them very affordable.

Gentle and effective wipes

These days I don’t use that many wipes at all but I was going away for a few days and didn’t want to cart my cleansers so I bought a pack of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Wipes. These wipes are beautifully moist with a delightful scent. I find I don’t have to drag the wipe around my face because the moist cloth glides smoothly while removing all my makeup including my mascara. My skin is left feeling well hydrated and clean. I think the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Wipes are a really gentle and effective wipe which I totally recommend.
I use makeup remover wipes on a daily basis to clean and freshen my face. The Neutrogena wipes are a handy pack to have to remove foundation and lipstick without drying or tugging on my skin. These wipes are strong and are effective in removing makeup and the daily grime. The wipes are low priced, making them affordable and completely a guilt free purchase. I use these to remove eye makeup and they do not sting or make my eyes irritated. After use, my skin is clean, and looks refreshed and healthy.  Pros: Affordable  Works well Non irritating Cons: None Recommendation:  These make up remover wipes are perfect everyday wipes which take off my daily makeup and leave my skin feeling soft and looking clean and healthy. 
These wipes are my go to. I like to use them to take off my makeup then use them to gently cleanse my skin. I only had to use them lightly on my skin to remove all traces of makeup. These wipes feel very soft and moisturising, and they leave moisture on my face afterwards so I don't need to use lots of moisturiser. I did find when I first used these wipes, the scent is fairly strong and I would prefer if the scent was lighter and more natural but I don't notice it that much anymore. The other wipes in the packet do not dry out easily which is a definite bonus for me. I would certainly take these travelling with me as they are very moisturising which is a must-have for me when travelling as my skin gets very dry.  Overall I would recommend these wipes if you are good with stronger smelling wipes.
I am one of the lucky members to trial this product. This cleansing wipes come in the form of microfiber like sheet that is moist  (but not wet) with quite a strong scent of perfume. It takes off make-up very efficiently, including mascara (i don't use waterproof mascara), though i usually like to use at least 2 wipes to thoroughly clean my face. After using, it certainly does not leave the skin dry, although i wouldn't say it is hydrating. My only negative is the strong scent, otherwise this product does what it says!
I was fortunate enough to be chosen to review these Hydrating Cleansing Wipes. I’ve never been a fan of wipes, mostly because they are drying to the skin (full of alcohol) and too thin,  Well let me tell you - I will now be buying these Neutrogena Hydro Boost Wipes thanks to this trial!  My skin was left hydrated, thoroughly cleansed and feeling fresh.  The wipes are thick and don’t rip or tear.  The only thing I will say is that whilst these wipes removed most of my waterproof mascara, they fail to remove my daily fave being a fibre tube-lash mascara. That aside - I’ve ditched my toner and am using less cleanser morning and night thanks to these babies! Recommended!
I love the Nutrogena Hydro Boost range already and was very eager to try out the wipes.  They are great for convenience and travel, they also work beautifully with my overly sensitive skin. Made my skin super soft without leaving a filmy feeling on my face as some other wipes do.  I found that I was still using a micellar water for deeper makeup removal and they were a bit strong smelling but I’d definitely purchase again and I absolutely recommend them 
I was lucky enough to be selected to trial this product and I am so happy I did! I love love love makeup wipes, however I know that generally they aren’t great to use and can be very harsh on the skin, so I stopped using wipes a while ago. However these ones are so gentle and moisturising! I have sensitive dry skin, and these didn’t irritate it at all! Each wipe is sufficient for me to cl an my face fully (but I don’t wear heavy makeup) and leaves my face nicely hydrated. I also love the scent...although slightly strong, it does smell lovely and fresh, I love these wipes and will definitely buy them.
These are great - very moist, soft on the skin and doesn’t leave a heavy/greasy feeling. I also use them to clean my foundation brush daily between proper cleans, they wipe the excess product off effortlessly. Easily removes eye make up without being harsh on or stinging the eyes.
I love these wipes! They are so hydrating and removed all my makeup without going dry. They also absorbed quickly enough for me to continue my skin care routine promptly. The fragrance wasn’t overwhelming and I liked the fact that one wipe would easily remove a face of makeup. I don’t have time for complicated routines with 3 kids under 5 so this was a perfect fit for me!
Fantastic facial Wipes!! I have sensitive skin and sometimes my skin reacts to products by going red and feeling dry. But these Neutrogena wipes were very gentle on my skin and so easy to use. My skin felt nice and soft after using them and they were very good at removing all my makeup. I will definitely be purchasing these wipes in the future.
The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleaning Wipes are very impressive. The wipes are perfectly moist and not too dry like some other wipes. I am really happy how easily my makeup is removed especially my waterproof mascara which can be difficult to remove but not with these wipes! I think the hyaluronic acid in the wipes works really well as my skin does feel clean and soft after using.  I would definitely buy these wipes again over other wipes as I love the fact they remove makeup yet are skin friendly with hydrating ingredients which is perfect for people with dryer skin.
Very impressed with how effectively these wipes removed my makeup, including waterproof mascara, with minimal rubbing at my eyes. My skin was left feeling soft and clean afterwards. The wipes themselves were perfectly moist and had a pleasant fragrance. They were just the right size, so only one was needed to remove my make up each night. Will be buying these again :)
I received the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Wipes as part of the Review Crew® panel and have been pretty happy with them so far. A lot of wipes I’ve tried in the past usually leave my skin feeling dry and flaky but these wipes left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. The packaging is as you’d expect and good to chuck in your handbag or makeup bag for on the go. They’re easily resealable so the wipes won’t dry out quickly. I’d definitely purchase for future use!
I usually find make up removing wipes dry my skin out and I always need to use moisturizer after, not with these. My face not only feels clean and soft, but it feels like I've already moisturized. I will be buying these again. They even remove stubborn mascara, only wipes I have found so far that remove my fave
These wipes are fantastic! As someone who is required to wear make-up for work, I really value make-up wipes where are able to effectively remove all traces of product. These wipes are super moist and are lightly scented leaving the face feeling super fresh. No micellar water required. These wipes handle the job all on their own. They also assist skin hydration leaving the face illuminated. Can't praise highly enough.
These wipes come in a compact blue plastic packaging with a resealable opening (which is still sticking down which is a bonus).  The wipes are soft yet strong and one wipe does my whole face.  With a lot of product on the wipe that has a fresh fragrance, the wipe glides easily over my face and is effective at make up removal.  I don't wear waterproof mascara but I do wear a lot of it and it took a few wipes but did manage to clean my eyes completely.  After using there was a residue that was left on my face which I washed off with warm water before applying my moisturiser.   These wipes work well and do their job at makeup removal but don't think I would use them long term for the pure fact I think there is a lot of wastage in the wipes themselves.... In saying this I do think they would be great for travelling.
These were fantastic. I have used other cleansing wipes and these by far have been the best. I have particularly sensitive skin and often cleansing wipes tingle and sometimes sting my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these ones don't! They also don't make me feel like I have to wash my face again after using them. They removed my makeup easily, but I did use the same wipe a few times just to ensure all my mascara and eyeliner came off. Highly recommend. Will definitely purchase these again.