Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ 2-in-1 Wash-Mask

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Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ 2-in-1 Wash-Mask can be used as a daily foaming cleanser or as weekly treatment when applied in a thin layer and left on the skin for five minutes. It contains kaolin and bentonite clays to detoxify and purify the skin, and salicylic acid to clear pore-clogging debris from the skin. Formulated with Neutrogena®’s ClearDefend technology™, the high-strength formula fights breakouts deep down into the pores and works to leave the skin’s essential nutrients intact while building up its natural shield to resist new breakouts. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ 2-in-1 Wash-Mask


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Great for breakout prone skin!

This is the best for my acne prone sensitive skin. I have been using this face cleanser for years and I absolutely love it. It's great value and very effective at keeping my skin breakout free and makes my skin feel so smooth and fresh after use. It can also be left of for 5 mins as a mask to eliminate oil and help with inflammed blemishes . You can find this at most pharmacy, priceline and supermarket which is handy. Great find.
An amazing mask! My pores were reduced and made my skin overall looking fresh. I highly reccomend only using it over problem areas however, for example the T zone and blemishes if you have any. It can be drying. A really good option for travel because it's 2 in 1 but not the best face wash I've ever used.
This mask is a 2 in 1 product which makes it convenient for everyone. Suitable for everyday use as a cleanser but if using it as a treatment for pimples and acne or to improve skin texture. There's a slight herby smell to it which is a good thing because it isn't over-powering. I use it as a treatment & a mask instead of using it as a cleanser. For days that i want to treat my pimples i apply a thin layer over the pimple & let it sit for about 20-40 mins then wash it off. When i am using it to improve the texture of my skin I apply a thin layer all over my face for 1 hour to dry then wash it off. Sometimes I even leave it all over my face & sleep til the next day then wash it off.  This product is a miracle because by the next day my pimples reduced smaller in size or they disappear. I am very satisfied with this product & now it is my go to product to treat my pimples. My skin felt so soft after washing this product off my face and i noticed my skin texture improved much more than it was before. My skin wasn't as red after using this product which was a bonus ! 
I loved this product as a mask but not so much as a wash. As a mask, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth. The smell is also very pleasant. I love how this range is not drying although it is an anti acne product. This makes my skin feel refreshed after i use it.
I absolutely love this product! The dynamic 2 in 1 Wash-Mask can be used either as a face wash to clean the skin or as a face mask. As a wash, I found it a little bit thick, although it still did a great job of cleaning my skin and removing excess dirt and makeup. I loved using this as a mask, it left my skin feeling so refreshed and clean!  I noticed a reduction in pimples through use, and I think this is the perfect product to add to any skin care routine.
I used this product mostly as a mask and found it worked really well in clearing my pores and minimizing oil production in my t zone but was quite drying on other areas of my face. I definitely needed to moisturize immediately after use. In use with the other visibly clearer products in the range my skin was noticeably clearer with less breakouts. This was a really easy no mess product to use and is a great affordable mask.
This two in one wash/mask was actually my favourite product out of the Neutrogena range. Definitely did the job and removed the impurities and smaller break outs on my skin, especially around my t zone, but this wash did not actually make up skin dry up, unlike the majority of the range.
Very good mask for combination skin although can be quite drying so using it one to two times a week is sufficent. I’ve been using this mask for 2 weeks and have job t noticed any new breakouts. This product also smells great and leaves face feeling very fresh.
received the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range to review as part of the BeautyCrew ReviewCrew program. I used these products together for one month. I have combination/oily skin that is acne prone, and tend to get spots closer to my period.  Like the other products in the range, this mask/face wash has a fresh citrus scent that is not overbearing. It lathers well as a wash, and does work better than the gel cleanser in the range, but as a result it leaves your skin feeling a bit dry. I didn’t use this product as a mask as I don’t really like clay masks. Overall, I think this just wasn’t a product I would purchase for myself, but if you’re oily or like a very clean feeling, this may tick your boxes.
This is a good mask, but only use it once a week otherwise it can be super drying. Otherwise, it's really good at removing oil and preventing breakouts. The mask had a nice smell and is really affordable. I would try this product again in summer or when I'm going to the gym a lot so it's not too oil stripping.
i loved this product i used it mainly as a mask because i have others that i used as a wash. the smell was great and the texture was really nice, easy to put on and take off, left my face looking and feeling clean. i use this about twice a week. i would repurchase. helped calm any breakouts i had.
I found the product to be gentle on my skin! I lovednthe smell and the cooling feeling ok my was crazy calming My skin is sensetive and combination. It didnt tingle, but felt cooling  Bonus points - its smells really good! I would recommendthis product as i feel like it did help in soothing my roughed up skin. Its one of the products i woukd recomend. I used it both as a mask andna cleanser
This product was okay - it did not break me out, but it also did not get rid of all of my break outs. I am generally not a fan of two in one scrub & mask products, as I find it works best if it is one or the other. It is a bit drying.
One of the best masks (in a bottle) I have ever used! Would use once a week before my bath. It helped keep my skin hydrated, not drying out my skin in the slightest, and makes my face feel very fresh once washed off. Did not feel heavy when applied and was very easy to remove with no residue left on the skin.
This was probably my favourite out of the whole range. I loved that it was a two in one product. I used it around twice a week and it found that it really helped with my troubled skin. Definitely would recommend this to everyone who is struggling with problemed skin.
I love how versatile this product is. It's great for reducing any breakouts that your skin may experience. Although, after using this product as a mask it made my face feel tight and a little dry but it did make my skin feel smooth. I would use the product again but not regularly .
I did not enjoy using this product. I found the scent very strong, it did not lather well as a wash and was tingly to the point of pain as a mask. In addition, due to the active ingredients, it left a tingly, oily residue on my skin which only further inflamed it. This product would be good for someone with non-sensitive, non-oily skin or bad acne. The clay in it is very deep cleansing and the cooling effect could be soothing on the right person but for me this was unfortunately a no 
Really nice mask and face wash duo that I use in the shower. If used as a face mask, it leaves a nice tingly, clean sensation after being washed off the skin and does not feel overdrying unlike other "acne-based" products. When used as a cleanser, the product produced a nice lather that was also good in removing any residual makeup left on the skin and also has a fresh scent that was pleasant to use and not too overpowering.
Really nice mask, however it did leave my face feel like it was stinging but the sensation went away fairly quickly. Overall it was gentle and I loved the 2-in-1 functionality, makes it great value for money! Smells nice and cleans off the daily dirt and grime. Would recommend!
I like this product. I used it as a face mask instead of a wash and it left my skin feeling smooth. I used it mostly in the night after a day of makeup and i found it removed all the makeup well and also my pores looked much smaller after use. I heavily moisturised after because it does leave the skin abit dry.