Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Wash

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Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Wash is a cleanser for acne-prone skin that removes impurities and helps prevent pimples. Formulated with Neutrogena®’s ClearDefend technology™, the high-strength formula fights breakouts deep down into the pores and helps leave the skin’s essential nutrients intact while strengthening its natural shield to protect against new breakouts.


Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Daily Wash


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Fragranced and a little drying

This product is now sold under a new name of 'Clear & Defend Facial Wash'. It is marketed for clearing spots and defending against new breakouts, and suitable for sensitive skin. It contains salicylic acid, glycerin and lactic acid. It comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensation. I don't have acne all the time except for the occasional spot, but I do suffer from clogged pores, and salicylic acid is helpful in clearing out pores. The product foams and cleans well but is quite heavily fragranced, and my face feels a little dry after using this, so I could only use it occasionally and not every day. I'm not sure it's that great for sensitive skin.

Cleanses thoroughly.

I used this cleanser when I saw that my skin had a lot of impurities and blackheads. The pump bottle made it easy and hygienic to use. A small amount of gel cleanser came out after one pump, which I massaged on wet skin and then rinsed it off. It was enough to clean my skin. The make-up was completely removed and the skin was left cleansed. It is recommended for sensitive skin, but unfortunately, it had a drying effect so I would 100% recommend using a toner and a moisturiser afterwards. My skin is sensitive and it whilst my skin was clean it felt like it was pulling really hard. I would recommend it for normal skin though.

Perfect for controlling breakout prone skin

For lovers of foaming cleansers this one is a must. Little to no scent, easy pump (not too stiff) and releases the perfect amount in one pump. Gets all makeup off with one wash, including waterproof mascara. I have always been prone to breakouts and I find that using this at night, everyday has maintained my breakouts. It does not dry out my skin (I have normal to dry skin). It is a bonus that this is at such a low price point.
This is a great daily cleanser at a budget friendly price. It’s great value for money as a little goes a long way so it lasts well. I love the pump as it eliminates mess. This cleanser is quick and easy to use, it foams up well and rinses off clear for smooth, clean, clear skin. It’s a great product for those with sensitive skin as it’s really gentle and not at all drying. It’s also great for those with an oily tzone like me as it controls oil well. I have used several products in this Neutrogena range with great results. Great price, great value, I would absolutely recommend this cleanser.
OMGGGG THIS IS MY HOLY GRAILLLLLLLLL PRODUCTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!! this got rid of 90% of al my Cnes and pimples in LESS THANK THREE WEEKS. legit. so good for ALL skin types, like oily, dry, sensitive, combination, etc. only bad thing is that don't get it in your eye as it stings a lil extra
This cleanser is great for everday use because it is not too drying even though it's anti-acne. I didnt notice any changes in my skin but this definitely does the job. My skin can be quite sensitive but this cleanser did not irritate my skin. It also had a pleasant smell.
I feel this product is a good cleanser for everyday use, but is very similar to majority of other affordable cleansers on the market. It did its job in leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed and I think it did help in the reduction of bacteria on my skin - meaning less breakouts!  I will continue to use this product, but not sure if I would repurchase in the future.
A great everyday cleanser. After using it once I found my skin was so soft, and didn't dry my skin out. Overall it reduced the appearance of my breakouts and I didn't appear to get anymore. I found a little bit of product went along way. Used with all the Visibly clear range this product is fantastic.
A little goes a long way with this product!  It effectively cleansed my skin and made it feel very soft and smooth but I found I definitely needed to moisturize immediately afterwards as it was a little drying on my combination skin. I used this product with the rest of visibly clearer range and noticed a drastic change in a reduction in my breakouts. Overall a great everyday cleanser.
Although I have combination skin, it is still quite sensitive so I found that it left me with some dry patches.. it did help to clear up blemish though! I would recommend this to any person who has combination to oily skin rather than those with sensitive skin as you risk drying out!
My skin is very acne prone after using this product I have not had any new break outs. The product also has a very nice scent and leaves my face feeling very fresh. Although it feels a little drying. It’s a great wash to use before commencing your day as it wakes you right up.
This wash definitely did a fine job in removing excess oils thus reducing the redness and pimples that I have struggled to remove for a very long time. It was very smooth and easy to apply/use, I would recommend this to anyone who has oily to combination skin, as there was a great improvement.
I received the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range to review as part of the BeautyCrew ReviewCrew program. I used these products together for one month. I have combination/oily skin that is acne prone, and tend to get spots closer to my period.  Like the other products in the range, this cleanser has a fresh citrus scent that is not overbearing. It is a gel cleanser that foams well, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. However, it doesn’t remove makeup (both eye and face) very well, and would recommend double cleansing with an oil/cleansing balm or other makeup remover before washing your face with this product to ensure your makeup is completely removed.  Overall, I think this product is a decent cleanser - it does the job, but isn’t anything special. In 4 weeks of use, I used about 1/6th of the bottle (1 pump a day, as I only wash my face with water in the mornings), so it will last you a fair while and would be good value for money.
I have oily/combination skin and generally found this was a good low/mid price cleanser. I used the product morning and night, and it had a pleasant fragrance and didn't strip my skin. I wouldn't use or recommend it as the only cleanser in your skin care routine - I still used a scrub a few times a week and double cleansed in order to reduce breakouts. Also by Neutrogena but in a different range, I prefer the Hydroboost cleanser (with hyaluronic acid) to this cleanser.
I found the product to be gentle on my skin however it did dry me out. My skin is sensetive and combination. It didnt tingle or feel like much when you used it, and it wasnt good at removing makeup either. Bonus points - its smells really good! I wouldnt recommendthis product as i feel likenit irritated my skin and breakouts rather then stop or prevent
This cleanser was okay - it did not break me out, but it also did not get rid of all of my break outs. I also found it to be a bit drying, although I do tend to have dry and sensitive skin. Would recommend using a lot of moisturiser with it.
Amazing cleanser! Have used many different cleansers in my time, all have dried out my face or been to chemically strong. After using this I know I'll never need to look for another cleanser again! Hydrates my skin and haven't had one blemish or pimple since the first use. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
I love the way this wash feels on the skin. I really enjoy using this wash along with the other products from the range. It has really helped my skin to start clearing up and evened out my skins texture. I will continue to use this product and recommend it to anyone with oily or problem skin.
I loved using the daily wash . My skin felt really clean and my skin didn’t feel dry or tight like it does with other cleansers . It didn’t smell to strongly nor did I find it irritating on my sensitively skin .  I’d recommend using this with the other visably clear range for the best results
This cleanser is really good for sensitive skin as it applies gently, leaving no irritation and or redness. After using it, my skin felt hydrated and smooth. However, if used more than once a day it does start to dry out your skin. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this product.