NIVEA Caring Micellar Water for Normal Skin

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NIVEA Daily NIVEA Caring Micellar Water for Normal Skin is a micellar water cleanser that works to remove dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin without leaving any residue. The rinse-free formula is enriched with grapeseed oil, dexpanthenol and vitamin E to leave skin nourished, moisturised and refreshed.


NIVEA Caring Micellar Water for Normal Skin


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I have gone through a couple of bottles of these. It is a convenient product that cleanses your skin and removes make-up when used with a cotton pad. It doesn't irritate, or have a strong smell, isn't drying and just leaves skin clean and fresh. I always prefer starting my make-up with a fresh, clean face and this comes in handy in the middle of the day when I'm about to put some make-up on to go out when I've been make-up free until then - it means I don't need to go into the bathroom to do a full wash and rinse. I can just use this, add some moisturiser and start my make-up. At the end of the day, it removes most make-up except for stubborn eyeliner/mascara. I prefer a dedicated eye-makeup remover for that rather than rub my eye area over and over again with this (it would work, but it would take longer). Overall, a really good product and truly affordable. The reason I'm not giving it full 4 stars is because it doesn't remove stubborn make-up as easily as some other products.
Recently bought this product not knowing this has been on the market for a long time. I am a huge fan of the Nivea Brand and also a huge user of Micellar water. I use my micellar water with a certain 'cloth eraser' rather than water and find it always removes makeup better and refreshes my face alot brighter than water. I have use two other competitive brands and found they were 'on par' compared to this one. I found my skin to be moistuised, refreshed, and vibrant looking after using this. The label says 3 in 1 and I agree. Yes - it removes eye makeup without a fuss Yes - it cleanses well on my skin Yes - moisturises and refreshes skin I would recommend this to anyone who wears makeup, or who wants to hydrate their face before bedtime. The label says for 'Normal Skin' but I think its their way of saying "for skin that is not sensitive", I have combination skin and it has made a bad impact on my complexion
Love, love, love this stuff!  I am just finishing up my first bottle of this and will be buying it repeatedly from now on. I have tried a couple of other popular brands of Micellar Water, and loved them, but this one trumps them for me due to the affordable cost. At under $12 for 400mls, Nivea's Micellar Water is ridiculously economical and true value for money.  It's also readily available in basically every pharmacy and supermarket in Australia - very handy for when I need to re-stock. This product is perfect for those lazy nights when I want my skincare routine to be thorough and quick. For thoroughly clean skin, all I need to do is soak a large cotton pad with this water, and wipe it all over my face and neck areas. Voila! Thoroughly clean skin in 10 seconds flat.  It does a marvelous job at removing makeup, sunscreen, pollution, dirt and oil. It takes off my eye makeup easily too, though I do also followup with an eye makeup remover to get rid of any stubborn mascara residue. It leaves my skin feeling beautifully clean and ready for the serum and moisturiser that follow.  I love how Micellar Water makes the cleansing step so quick and efficient, that it makes me always take my makeup off - no lazy, 'too-tired' excuses when this is in my bathroom cupboard! If you haven't jumped on the Micellar Water bandwagon yet, I highly recommend you do, using this gem from Nivea. You'll become an instant convert!
This product did not disappoint. My face didn’t feel dry or go red after I used it to remove my make up. It feels really gentle on my skin. I just soak some micellar water on a cotton pad then gently sweep over my face – no rubbing required. Great product!
NIVEA Caring Micellar Water is cheap in price and HIGH in quality.  Removes all makeup and nice and refreshing on ones face. Actually it is easily found in all supermarkets.  The bigger size bottle is handy and it seems to last a while. This is great on little kids too to remove suncream residue.  
The nivea caring micellar water is a good product however there are similar ones in the market that I believe do a better job than this one and leave the skin feeling smoother but overall this one is ok for those who have no skin troubles, if you have sensitive skin I suggest you do a little more research
I bought the Nivea Daily Caring Micellar Water for Normal Skin as I had heard it was the new miracle skin cleanser. It is so affordable that I felt I really had nothing to lose.  It claims to remove makeup and dirt while leaving skin nourished, moisturised and refreshed. The packaging is a clear plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Its sturdy, easy to hold and easy to open and close.The look and consistency is just like that of water. I cant say I noticed any particular aroma, if at all the scent is fresh and a little antibacterial but extremely subtle. I use a cotton pad and squeeze the product till the pad is wet and wipe gently over my face, eyes, lips and neck. I don't find it really effective at removing all my makeup so I stick to a normal foaming cleanser for the job. I do however love using Micellar water of a morning. It feels refreshing and cleansing, a pleasant way to wake up without affecting my daily makeup routine. As it is non alcoholic it doesn't sting or cause any irritation so a big thumbs up for sensitive skin or when I have breakouts. I must also add that although it is not all drying I don't find it as moisturising at it claims. It is quick and simple to use a great product for a busy lifestyle or for the end of those 'exhausting' days. It's no miracle cleansing solution but it is simple. This is definitely a product I will always be keeping on hand. I would happily recommend for any demographic to use it. 
I love a great micellar water and this nivea one is such a great buy for amazing results. The cleanser is so easy to use and removed dirt, grease, oil, impurities and makeup. It rinses off really well and leaves skin so fresh, smooth and radiant. This is an awesome 3 in 1 cleanser that leaves skin not only clean but moisturised, hydrated, soft and smooth. enriched with vitamin E it is a real treat for skin and is so gentle when removing makeup, it wont leave skin dry. At such a great price point its easy on the wallet and I can afford to buy it all the time. A great product that i recommend
NIVEA Caring Micellar Water for Normal Skin is the ideal cleanser for everyone who wants to remove makeup in record time!    This is a clear, water like texture liquid, that you apply to some cotton pads, and then gently wipe over your face, including eyes and lips. The lotion wipes so easily over your skin, very gentle, soothing and feels calming and cooling too.  All sources of makeup are almost instantly removed, even the toughest waterproof mascaras, stay on lipsticks, eye liner, and heavy foundation and powder.  If you have a lot of makeup, you will need 2 - 3 cotton pads to remove all the makeup, as it literally just wipes off. The good thing about this cleanser is that you don't need to use any water, so you can use the cleanser in the loungeroom, anywhere really, as you don't need to rinse.  Afterwards, it is nice to use a toner as this makes your skin feel extra clean and really ready for serum and night cream. PRO's So easy and fast to use A fabulous price Will last you a long time Easily available from your local supermarket Contains calming ingredients to soothe and soften your skin while it gives your skin a superior clean Removes every type of makeup - fast I recommend this cleanser to anyone who wears makeup and wants to have their makeup removed quickly and effortlessly.  My skin always feels so clean and wonderfully soft after using this, it truly is a magical cleanser, that once tried, you will never not want to have it in your bathroom.