NIVEA Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash is a cleansing and nourishing face wash suited for those with normal to dry skin. The formula works to deeply clean skin, removing dirt, makeup and impurities while caring for and hydrating skin. 


NIVEA Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash


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This is a lovely cream cleanser for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.  It's wonderfully creamy and smells just like the standard Nivea Cream, which always takes me back to when I was a child and my Mum would apply the cream to her face every night.  This cleanser does not strip your skin of its natural essential oils, but will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean.  I have found that its not the best at removing makeup.  It does say on the tube that it removes makeup but in my experience it failed, so I prefer to use this cleanser for mornings rather then nights.  As a morning cleanser its lovely.
Nivea Crème Care Cleansing Cream Wash The Nivea Crème Care Cleansing Cream Wash comes in a Blue squeeze tube and is part of the new Nivea Daily Essentials range. Nivea have come up with some handy products recently and I was super excited when buying this one to test it out. The Nivea Crème Care Cleansing Cream is enriched with a balanced mixture of skin caring ingredients like Eucerit, Panthenol and Glycerin which is proved to reduce scaring, the cream wash is designed to cleanse skin thoroughly and remove impurities. The product is Ideal for daily use and a great way to start your day feeling refreshed. Use the Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash by squeezing a small amount into your hands and gently apply to wet face and neck by massaging in small circles. Rinse off with warm water. Personally I used the product in the shower and it didn’t make my shower slippery when washing it off. The Crème’s scent is subtle, and doesn’t particularly last after application. The product Cleanses thoroughly and protects your skin from drying out. When saying this I used the product in conjunction with a moisturizer. With skin caring ingredients for all skin types it is Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically approved.
had a sachet sample of Nivea's cleansing cream wash which I took away with me on holidays recently and was looking forward to try it along with the Nivea body lotion. It's been some years since I'd used Nivea cream in a tub so was curious about the other products in the Nivea range. The creamy cleanser is pure white in colour and very creamy thick consistency similar to the consistency of a hair conditioner. I applied a small amount to my damp face and massaged it into my skin with circular upward motions. It felt very soothing and relaxing when applying to my skin and did not strip my skin at all or leave any film or residue after rinsing.  Overall it's a lovely cleanser and has the lovely faint smell of Nivea cream. It would be ideal for sensitive or dry skin especially in the winter.
I have dry skin, so this product suits me perfectly. I find that some other cleansers are too harsh for my skin and leave it feeling tight. Nivea's Crème Care Cleansing Cream Wash does not make my skin feel dry or tight after use. It feels clean, soft and hydrated. The product has an appealing subtle scent as well. I would recommend this product to those with dry skin who require a more gentle skin cleanser. I will be using this product again in the future.
Nivea's latest cleanser option is a cream lotion, designed for use in the shower.  The packaging is perfect for shower use, it's a tube that stands nicely, with a flip top lid that easy to use.  The lotion is easy to apply and rinse, leaving the skin feeling clean but not stripped or dry.  It removed my make up fairly well, except for my mascara.  Its a pretty basic product, but if that's all you want, it's perfect.
The Nivea Creme Care cleansing wash left my face feeling fresh and clean. The price is very reasonable and I found that a little bit goes a long way. I like that it did not dry out my skin
I was a lucky duck; I got to trial this product for the Beauty Crew. I loved how this was a moisturising cleanser (it didn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry). What I was concerned about was that the product was a bit misleading. It stated the product was a wash however it's clearly not. There's no foaming action, there's nothing 'wash' about it. Perhaps I'm a little overcritical however when dispensing the product after seeing the word 'wash', you expect one thing only to get something else. It was odd. This product is definitely a lotion that requires a dampened face prior to application. It will work with or without a cloth for removal however it is absolutely more effective if you use a cleansing cloth to remove the product. I will say the product works well removing makeup (it is very efficient in this regard) however my skin felt as if there was a residue that remained. A second cleanse was absolutely required, either by a micellar or a light foaming wash. This product I think is most effective on its own, providing a light, moisturising cleanse (on a bare face, no makeup). I think this product is good but it didn't blow my hair back.
This product was average.Unfortunately it was a bit to fragrant for me.It seemed to clean my skin but did not notice any difference in my skin.It did semm gentle but as I said previously the fragrance was not for me
I really liked the product. I used it after I came home from work and took off my makeup and cleansed my face. It left my skin feeling really soft and had a nice texture.
This is the perfect cleanser, coming into the cooler months. I love the creamy feeling of the cleanser, as it's gentle on the skin. After washing off the cleanser my skin feels clean, soft and moisturised. I had some dry patches on my face which have disappeared since using this cleanser. I love the smell of the product, especially when I'm washing my face at night.
This product is a must have staple for any beauty / general skin care routine. It leaves the skin feeling soft, has a lovely scent and is great at removing impurities from the skin. Best of all it's under $10 and available at the supermarket! 
This product was okay, but not amazing. The scent was subtle but very run of the mill. It did what it was supposed to do, but had nothing that made it stand out from the crowd for me.
I quite like the consistency of this creme cleanser. It certainly very suitable for my skin and easy to use in the shower, it lathers fairly quickly and its smell took my memory to my youth remembering my visits to my grandmother and the scents of her cheeks when she would kiss me!  I did find it a less effective to wash off though, I felt that I had to scrub my face continually as there was a slight residue, but when drying my face, it felt subtle and plump.  On the days that I was in a hurry, and would wash quickly and not undergo a thorough 'rinsing' my face was left a little sticky on so perhaps not convenient for a quick wash/rinse.  Overall it was gentle and lovely on my skin and the price is very good compared to most others. Good value for money.
I was lucky to be chosen by beautycrew to trail this new NIVEA Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash. I have used to wash my face in morning and before sleep time , I used about pea size of the product and apply to my whole fave and this wash it off with water and then softly wipe my face. After using it for couple of weeks my skin is looking andfeelingmore nourish and also bought my childhood memories back as of its typical Nivea scent, I love how it clean my skin . It's easily available at almost every shop and is very affordable for everyone. I recommend this NIVEA Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash to everyone.
I thought it was ok, not great it left a film on my face so I felt like I hadn't scrubbed properly. I also did not like the scent, a bit too strong. I did however like the packaging easy to use. 
I really enjoyed using this product; it is fantastic valuefor money and great smelling. The crème cleanser is slightly thinker than othercrèmes, however is still very easy to easy apply and a little covers most ofyour face. When applying, the crème is velvet and smooth feeling. After using,the cleanser left my skin feeling hydrated and soft, which is important forsomeone like me who has normal to dry skin. As a long time Nivea customer, thisproduct is a great new addition to the collection, not to mention at a greatprice point also
They say there are products that you should splurge on and products that you can save on and cleansers are one of the products that you can save on. I used this on a face full of make up without a pre cleanser and the first application I only used a marble sized amount but I think I probably should have done another round to get all the make up off. The next time I used more of the product and I enjoyed watching all the makeup melt off. I love the smell of Nivea products and I also enjoyed  how my skin felt clean without being squeaky clean. I would recommend this product for ladies on a budget who like a quick and easy solution in the shower especially.
Nivea Cream Cleansing wash feels soft and silky on my skin.    The familiar Nivea fragrance is lovely although maybe a little strong for a cleanser, as I would rather the fragrance be a little more subtle. The creamy cleanser feels lovely as it cleanses and easily removes all traces of makeup.   Only a small amount is needed as a little goes a long way.    As I am in my early 50s my skin is starting to feel dry and wrinkle prone, but after cleansing with this product my skin feels soft, silky, supple and most importantly moisturized.   It is  a very gentle cleanser that doesn't feel harsh or drying on the skin. I rate this product as good to very good and is great value for money being under $10 for a large size.
Meh. I don't get it. It doesn't remove makeup and you have to use it on wet skin so that means in the shower ('cos who wants to drip water all down their front at the basin, right?). I just felt like this was an unnecessary extra step in one's routine. Don't get me wrong. I like Nivea. I use their Invisible Deodorant and Express Hydration Body Lotion all the time but I just don't feel like this Cleansing Cream Wash was worth bothering with. In fact, if I was going to be REALLY cynical, I'd suggest that sales of the Nivea In Shower Body Lotion (which I've tried and quite like) were down so they repackaged it as Cleansing Cream Wash. I didn't hate it but I wouldn't bother with it. Your call.
After two weeks of daily use I have found this has left my dry skin feeling soft and clean.  I actually use a muslin cloth to remove cleaners so perhaps this helps remove all trace and leave my skin feeling squeaky clean.  The great packaging design helps to dispense the right amount and doesn't leave any residue around the bottle opening (a bugbear of mine).  I love the 'old skool' Nivea fragrance, it takes me back to my childhood and those small blue pots of heavy Nivea cream.  Overall I would purchase this again as I feel it suits my dry skin better than others I have used.