NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover is an eye makeup remover for all skin types. It quickly dissolves even extreme waterproof mascara without any rubbing required. The formula is enriched with cornflower extract to hydrate and protect the sensitive eye area.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover


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The Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover is housed in a clear plastic bottle and it has a subtle scent. For the most part, I have used the product to remove non-waterproof mascara, and it has worked well for this purpose. I’ve had no problems in removing waterproof mascara with the product, but sometimes the cleansing process took longer than I had expected. I have bought the product several times, and it has never stung my eyes. There have been two or three times when the skin around my eyes felt slightly sensitive after using the product, but it is possible that my cleansing technique was not gentle enough.
This Eye Make-up remover is seriously awesome. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a very secure screw on lid.  The liquid is in two layers.  A lower clear layer and a blue layer that floats on top.  To use you must shake the bottle to mix the two layers and the liquid will then turn a mauve shade.  If you don't give the bottle a little shake you you simply get drops of the oil on your cotton pad, so don't forget this essential step.  Once mixed you then simply pour a little on to a cotton pad and hold it against your eye lid for 10 seconds or so and then gently wipe.  My eye make-up came off instantly.   If I have been wearing waterproof mascara I go back in again with another cotton pad and concentrate on my eyelashes. I hold the cotton pad against my eyelashes and gently wipe in a downwards motion and my mascara is removed with ease.  This remover is much better value than many Eye Make-up removers and it works. 
The best eye make up remover and a great price. Removed waterproof mascara and eye make up easily with no harsh rubbing around the eye area. Is gentle on the skin and does not leave an oily residue around the eye. A very reliable product and I have no hesitation in recommending it.
Light & soothing to the sensitive eye area - this makeup remover removes mascara easily without excessive rubbing leaving the skin/lashes clean & not oily. Has also been used to remove kids tattoos from the face without too much fuss! Reasonably priced a great addition to any bathroom vanity cabinet.
This is probably one of the best (if not *the* best) drugstore eye makeup removers out there. I have used Bioderma Sensibio, Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover recently and it trumps all of them. In terms of performance, it works much better than both Bioderma and Estee Lauder (both struggle with waterproof makeup and mascara) and though comparable to Elemis, it is so much more cheaper that it automatically wins in my book. It has a mild scent which is pleasing and not overpowering, and it dissolves mascara and waterproof makeup beautifully. I soak two separate cotton pads and gently press them against my closed eyes for about 45 seconds to let the product work and then gently rotate them to remove the residue, absolutely no rubbing required. I even run a folded up section of the pad along my eye rim (I wear a lot of liner on my waterline) and it works without causing irritation. I have gone through multiple bottles of it, a makeup bag staple! P.S.: It works on liquid lip colour too!
A great eye make up remover at a great cost! I can suffer from dermatitis under my eyes and I find this does not irritate it at all. Is great at removing all my heavy eyeliner and mascara at the end of every day! Will repurchase