NIVEA Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

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NIVEA Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes are cleansing wipes for normal and combination skin. The wipes thoroughly but gently cleanse the face, removing makeup and waterproof mascara, while also purifying and toning the skin. The alcohol free formula is enriched with the NIVEA Care Lotion and vitamin E to prevent skin from drying out  to enhance your skin's natural moisturisation. Skin is left feeling moisturised and refreshed. Skin compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

Price above is for 7 wipe pack. Also available in 25 wipe pack.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes


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These wipes are fantastic!

Nivea Daily cleansing wipes: Sometimes in the mornings I either cannot be bothered washing my face or I don't give myself enough time to wash my face before heading out the door so I'll use on of these wipes. They not only cleanse my face but they also tone my skin and keep it hydrates too. They don't sting, burn or irritate my skin and they don't leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. I also use these after wearing makeup and they remove it all including my waterproof mascara. I would highly recommend these to everyone.
I've purchased these a number of times & find that they're an effective facial cleansing wipe that suit my combination skin perfectly. These alcohol-free wipes have a textured side & a smooth side, and a crisp, pleasant scent. They are a medium thickness, and stay intact perfectly during use. I use them as a first stage cleanser at night, and find they're very effective at removing most makeup. While the packet states they remove waterproof eye makeup, I do need to also use eye makeup remover to get rid of all of my mascara - but that's almost the norm with most face wipes anyway. They leave my combination skin feeling very clean & refreshed - on my lazy nights, this is all I will use pre my night cream, and it works a treat for my combination skin. On my non-lazy nights, I'll use these first, then use a liquid cleanser, to double cleanse. I have never noticed a residue left behind with the wipe, nor had my skin irritated or break out. They're easy to purchase in value packs ie sets of 3 for a good price, and are available basically everywhere. I'm deducting a star due to how the wipes seal - unlike some other brands I have tried, these wipes do not have a solid sealing mechanism - they have a flap closure only. While it's possible to open the product carefully & try to close it fully, I've had in the past packets that lose their sealing ability near the end, and found a bottom wipe or two just aren't as moist/effective as they should be. I'd love Nivea to produce these in a packet with a clipping closure, that's now common on other brands, just so I could keep all the wipes useful! But otherwise, I highly recommend these for anyone with combination or normal skin.
Love this compact product! I always have a packet in my car which is great for when I head to the gym and want to take my make up off before and after my workout but without having to take the big bulky packet with me. It's so great at removing make up and doesnt leave my skin screaming for moisturizer straight after.