NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls

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NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls features high concentrations of coenzyme Q10, which is encased in pearl technology to deliver anti-ageing benefits, while repairing, protecting and renewing skin. The pearls are surrounding by a moisturising hydrogel of hyaluronic acid and creatine, which work together with coenzyme Q10 to replenish skin.


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NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls


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I really like this product and it’s now a staple in my daily skin care regimen.  It is a gel like cream in a pump, which I love. It’s easy to dispense and one pump does my face and neck. It smells like Nivea, a little strong, but fades quickly.  It applies easily and soaks in quickly.  It leaves my face feeling hydrated and smooth and is a nice primer too.
My biggest aging skin concerns are the fine lines and wrinkles on my neck and collar-bone area. I have religiously applied SPF to my face for years, but have consistently forgotten about the neck. The skin on my neck is now aging quicker than the rest of my face. I also starting to have some fine lines just under the inner corner my eyes, an area I have to be very careful about from now on. I was actively looking for an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging product for my neck - something that has more active ingredients than the products I am using in my skin care routine, which focuses on hydrating and protecting rather than repairing. For background purposes, just before the trial started I was trialing the Neostrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF15 myself as my main anti-aging products. I used it daily on my neck and collar-bone areas for two weeks before I had to switch over to the Nivea pearls. I was starting to see some results by that stage. Packaging The Nivea pearls has one of the most interesting packaging/look that I have seen. The product is 40mL, comes in a transparent, pump bottle, so that you can see exactly how much product is left. This is an advantage over the dark bottles (as long as the product is stable inside a clear bottle) because I do not have to guess how much product is left and when to re-purchase. The product itself consists of small little yellow colour spheres (pearls) suspended in a clear, transparent gel. The look of the product is very unique. When the product is pumped out of the bottle, the pumping mechanism itself crushes the pearls and mixing them with the clear gel, so the product dispensed looks like an uneven paste. Feel The product is thicker than a typical serum - it is almost a gel-cream which feels like a light moisturiser rather than serum. The instruction was to use this as a serum, before day or night cream. I did exactly as told but have always used a spray-on toner before applying the serum. The product goes on very smoothly and it is a pleasure to use. It is easy to glide on and quickly absorbed. Because of its hydrating properties, I do not feel the need to apply another layer of cream on top, but I followed the instruction anyway, and apply my oil-free moisturiser on top of the pearls. I use one full pump for my neck, and one full pump for my collar-bone area. My skin felt instantly hydrated and plumped from first use (and subsequent uses). My skin is silky to touch and the feeling lasts for hours after applying. Colour and scent Unfortunately, these are the two elements that I think could be improved. Firstly, as far as I can tell from the ingredient list there are 3 added colours. The pearls are pale yellow and I can accept that colour. However, once the pearls are crushed and the product pumped out, the colour becomes a lot more intense and it is almost a fluorescent yellow colour. I question the need to put such a strong colouring in a skin care product. Scent is also another let down. The fragrance is artificial (parfum is one of the ingredients) which I found to be quite strong and the smell also lasts for quite some time. I could not apply this product on my face mostly due to the rather unpleasant strong smell, and so during the trial I have to mostly confine it to my neck area (which is the area I need treatment the most, so it works out well). Other ingredients This product not only contains Q10 but also hyaluronic acid, my favourite ingredient, which works by binding water to skin. On the other hand, an undesirable ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate. SLS is a common foaming agent, it is one of the "questionable" ingredients so more and more skincare products are starting to ditch it. Personally, I do not mind it too much in cleansers and shampoos because it is washed off quickly and does not stay on the skin. However, I am not sure what the purpose is to put SLS in a serum. It is possible (and I am just guessing), that it is used here as a surfectant to help or maintain the formation and/or suspension of the pearls in the clear gel. I am not completely sure how I feel about leaving SLS on the skin, although it seems to be present is very small quantity. Results I am surprised at how good the instant  smoothing results are, and I can see this product being a good product for priming the skin before makeup application. However, I have not observed any long term effects, as my fine lines seem to revert to what they were after a shower or after a night's sleep. This bottle will lasted me approximately 40-50 days.
The NIVEA Q10 POWER Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls is a great affordable serum. I use it in the morning before applying foundation to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. The serum works so well with my foundations. I also use this serum as part of my night routine. After long day at work, sometimes I feel too lazy to apply too many skincare on my face so I only use toner and this serum and my skin remains plumped and hydrated the next morning.
Nivea is a tried and tested branch which I love. the q10 power anti wrinkle replenishing pearls are magic. I love the pearly pale gold balls that crush as you pump them out, and the super smooth hydrated feeling my skin has after using them. I love a great anti ageing product and this is among the best. The handy pump bottle is easy to use, beautiful packaging and great value as a little goes a long way. The serum definately helped to diminish my fine lines and helped make pores less noticeable too. it smells quite pleasant, doesnt go greasy and makes me look younger and fresher, who doesnt want that? I would recommend this product, also great for sensitive skin. A winner.
When two words like "Pearls" and ""Anti-Wrinkle" come together,a vision of youthful beauty come to mind...where angels have applied their tears to your skin and wiped away the years without so much as a time machine (or needle) in sight. Nivea is a "go to" for many for their skincare...has been for years (yep,a cleanser,deodorant,tin of the original cream and a body oil sit in my bathroom),BUT i cannot lie...this no longer will be.I tried this a while ago,and had hopes for (at least),a different version of serum to aid my stressed,dry visage,but alas,this was not really what i wanted. Firstly,i wanted it to add a "something" extra to my skincare real line reduction seen / no real,noteworthy moisturing effects felt  (despite that magical hyaluronic acid ingredient) / no lasting results at all.Secondly,whilst the "pearls" are gorgeous to behold in that clear 40ml pump bottle (all sunny golden hued with the trademark navy blue Nivea insignia on the outer),they are a nightmare to crush (even after having been pumped out of the bottle) and end up being extremely difficult to apply without leaving tiny traces of them being left on your skin (some serious massaging in was needed to get anywhere with them)....I don't want to have to spend ages trying to get Angel tears wannabe absorbed into my face before i hit public view.Lastly,at around $30 for the 40ml,i feel that there are other,more effective products out there that will actually give results worth it for you hard earned $ (don't even think about applying your makeup after this if you have even a trace of pearls left on you...take it from someone who tried and failed). Any positives here ? Hmmm,yes...almost.The Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls have a lovely,fresh,Nivea familiar scent that is comforting to use,the Hyalauronic does make it feel moisturising without feeling "tacky" and the whole soft feeling does last a good while (several hours later,my skin still did feel soft and comfortable).But alas,if i feel the need to keep checking my visage to see that no product still remains visible,i cannot keep you. TIP:Very simple...make sure,beyond all doubt,that this has disappeared entirely before stepping outside.Apply a moisturiser on top of this if you have anything but younger,more sebum giving skin
I purchased this product based on reading these reviews as well as price as it was 50% off at Woolworths and I could slip it into the grocery shop without my husband noticing I'd bought yet another skincare product. (Let's all pretend we are natural beauties and air and water is all we need to look like we woke up like this) The packaging is great. The pump makes delivery hygenic and easy to control and the clear bottle means you don't have to guess when you're running low. I like the plastic bottle too. It's light and safe but isn't cheap or flimsy.  The product itself also feels great! The fragrance is quite strong however but not off putting and it does seem gentle for all skin types but this isn't an issue for me as I have never reacted badly to anything I've put on my skin. Not even heavy stage makeup and grease paint.  The first time I used this the little yellow pearls weirded me out a little and I was dubious about if I'd comtinue using the product but I persevered and I haven't been disappointed.  I don't really have any wrinkles and it's early days so I'm not sure how effective the anti-aging properties are but as a skin booster I'm loving it.  I use this in the mornings and a retinol or vitamin c serum in the evenings.  I'm not sure which part of my routine is the winner or if the whole is greater than the sum of It's parts but at 46 my skin has never been better. If it's not broken why fix it?  I'll definitely repurchase for my morning routine, especially when I can pick this up half price for $15 at the supermarket!   
I'm in my early 50's, with fairly normal skin that does have a slightly oily tzone. My neck unfortunately has more pronounced ageing and dryness issues, and I incorporate into my skincare serums, oils and moisturisers that are very hydrating to deal with it. This new serum from Nivea looked perfect for maintaining healthy facial skin and I hoped improve my neck region in particular. The serum is 40mls in size and housed in a slimline pump bottle. Great packaging, it's easy to see the bright yellow 'pearls' suspended in a clear serum, and also easy to keep an eye on how much remains, with product purity properly looked after too. The pearls burst open and combine when the pump is dispensed and morph into a bright gold, silky serum. It does have a faint aroma that reminds me of other Nivea products. What a gorgeous, lightweight texture this has, it truly is a delight to apply, and a little goes a long way too.  I have been using it twice daily, applying after cleansing and before moisturising By the time my bottle was almost empty I could see and feel the benefits, especially on the dry skin I struggle with on my neck. The powerhouse ingredients work together very effectively to hydrate and soften my skin, making it look and feel much better. This is a genuine, affordable skincare option that delivers as promised, working as well as serums I've tried that cost 3 x as much. Well done Nivea, this powerhouse product is a real gem and I'll be happily purchasing more. I recommend it to anyone looking for a hydrating serum, for the price point you'd be struggling to find better.
NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls is an anti-ageing skincare serum that combines highly concentrated Coenzyme Q10, encased in pearl technology, Hyaluronic Acid and Creatine. First I like to mention that packing is gorgeous, we can see yellow pearl from transparent bottle which looks very sleek. The serum comes in 40ml pump bottle which is very easy to use. Upon pressing the pump, pearls and gel blends into silky light yellow serum. It has strong smell, I prefer to use fragrance free product. Mostly I find that Nivea products have strong smell, this one is not exception. Upon application, it quickly absorbs into my skin with out leaving any greasy residue. It instantly makes my skin silky smooth, on very dry areas, I need to apply a little bit more. It hydrates my skin for up to 7 hours. I apply it under my make up and surprisingly it works like a primer. It makes my skin smooth, my pores are less visible and my foundations glides nicely on it.  After using it for few days, it improves the moisture level of my skin. I find that dry patches are disappeared, and my skin also feels soft and smooth. Overall, I like this serum, and it is suitable for everyone. It can be used as a primer because it instantly smooths the skin. Those who have oily skin can use it alone and normal or dry skin beauties can use it under moisturiser.
I really like the idea of this product, I thought it was really clever, innovative and affordable.  That said, I'm not sure I would repurchase.  Maybe sometimes you do pay the extra money for a reason!  I found that the pearls didn't always break down so had little yellow bits of pearl on my face on many occasions.  It does have a particular scent, which didn't bother me at the beginning but really got to me by the end of the bottle.  And I didn't notice any improvement to my skin, although it didn't get worse either.  But I found it easy to apply and went well under my moisturiser.  Definitely worth a try.
What a fun experience it is to use this innovative product that really leaves skin feeling silky smooth! Upon dispensing the serum, a custard yellow cream with a lumpy consistency appears. Don’t worry though, it perfectly smooths out onto your skin when applied. I love the feeling of my skin after using this serum. It is left smooth, soft and it sinks in immediately which I really enjoy. I love to use this under makeup as it provides a wonderful base. My makeup glides on and blends in so well on top of this serum. I’m left with even, soft and almost matte skin. After removing my makeup at the end of the day, my skin is still soft and plump. The only thing I don’t love is the strong scent. Thankfully, it fades over a short amount of time. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this as I’ve noticed an improvement in my fine lines and my skin is plumper than before. 
Even though it is a serum it makes the best makeup primer!  I am almost at the end of my bottle and will most certainly be re-purchasing.  The packaging and product delivery are spot on, no waste, hygienic and keeps product fresh without contamination by fingers or air.  The pearls are crushed when you dispense and you get a bright yellow pasty mush which melts into your skin and really plumps up those fine lines and provides the most ideal makeup base!  Keeps my face hydrated and comfortable all day and I believe it has greatly improved my skin dryness and fine lines over the time I have been using it.  The only very small complaint I would have is the strong floral scent, but it does dissipate over half an hour or so once on the skin.
The Replenishing Pearls, looked like gold caviar! I loved the whole serum pearl concept it looked magical,what a great party trick. I applied the serum twice daily using one pump for the day and two pumps for night. I did feel a slight warming of my skin on application but it finished as fast as it started and I didn't get a rash. I like to think it was the Hyaluronic Acid and Creatine working it's magic! It has the distinct the Nivea powdery smell which is lovely and fresh but it's not over powering. My skin was left feeling silky smooth and my forehead wrinkles appeared less obvious so I would definitely recommend it.
I purchased this product in a rush as I had just ran out of my normal serum and I was pleasantly surprised. The consistency when you first pump it out is like curdled custard, but it melts and glides on to the skin beautifully. There is no oily residue left behind and it left my skin looking brighter and smoother from the first application.  I now use it morning and night.  It works well under makeup and does not create pilling when combined with my primers or foundations like other products I have tried.  I love this product and have recommended to so many family and friends.
The iridescent yellow pearls of goodness created by Nivea pack a powerful punch. As we age we are depleted of so many nutrients not just on the inside… I am so thankful we have science to rescue our skin. This delightful bottle contains my kind of ingredients to give me healthy, smooth, younger looking skin whilst protecting my skin from environmental aggressions and stress. When the little yellow pearls are dispensed they are mushy and silky and with a slight mix on the fingers (no need to rub) I have my whole face and neck covered. One pump goes a long way with this innovative cylindrical bottle (it’s quite quirky in that you can see these caviar-like balls through the bottle). Since I first started using this serum I was taken by the fragrance - has such a beautiful scent that even my kids were complimenting me on how nice I smelt. A face cream can smell that nice! Having a dry skin with allergic tendencies, I thought I would break out but I didn’t so that’s incredible. Also, living in the tropics on days when the humidity was extreme I only used the serum, the more products I applied the more they melted off; this serum will be the perfect companion for day and night creams in winter that’s for sure. My skin feels so alive when I apply this serum, so soft and silky and when used under foundation makes for the perfect canvas – flawless! This serum gives my skin the energy it needs to stay youthful even when I don’t feel energetic!
This is a very unique concept cream and it looked so beautiful, I had to buy it and try it for myself. The cream is a housed in a handy clear plastic pump dispenser. Inside you can see the adorable pearls, these pearls are released when you pump the cream and out comes the squished pearl serum which I apply to my face, neck and décolletage. Its so incredibly unique and appealing, I love it!!! The cream smells fresh and slightly perfumey, and spreads easily onto my skin. I am currently using this as my night time cream. In the morning, I wake up with soft and dewy skin. It's well priced and doesn't make my skin feel greasy. Repurchase? Yes, love it!!!
Loving this product! My skin felt so soft and smooth after just a few days use. It didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or shiny which I have found with some serum’s in the past. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends & family
NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls is really easy to use with the pump application and leaves my skin feeling smooth, plump and hydrated.   Great to use before make-up in the morning and after cleansing at night.  I have definitely noticed the difference in my skin, reducing any sign of fine lines and wrinkles-  Will 100% buy again. 
The NIVEA Q10 product left my skin feeling hydrated and replenished. This a great everyday product that is light and non-greasy. Will definitely be using again!
I could definitely see an improvement after using this product! I love it! Will buy it again!
I really like the packaging of the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti- Wrinkle Serum. Very easy to apply with a nice subtle fragrance. Only needing to apply a small amount left my skin feeling very soft and smooth.