Philosophy Purity Foaming 3-In-1 Cleansing Gel

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Philosophy Purity Foaming 3-In-1 Cleansing Gel is a cleanser for oily skin types that can be used on the face and eyes as a makeup remover, or as a makeup brush cleaner. The gel leaves skin feeling fresh as it removes dirt, oil and impurities.


Philosophy Purity Foaming 3-In-1 Cleansing Gel


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Not the best cleanser I've ever used.  It isn't bad, but rather just not that remarkable as a facial cleanser so I've actually demoted this to my brush cleaner.  I just think with all the great cleansers out there, I want a cleanser that brings a little something extra to the table, like hydrating or brightening. Being spoiled for choice of cleansers. it's hard to get excited about a purely one dimensional product.
I have normal to dry skin which I try very hard to keep hydrated and moisturised. I used a sachet sample twice in the evening and in one morning. My skin felt very clean afterwards, to the point that it was 'squeaky' clean and that it felt like it had been stripped of its natural oils. With after each use, my skin felt more and more dry and began to feel very tight after washing. I felt like it was too harsh for my skin. I also really disliked the strong chemical smell of the cleanser, it was quite overbearing. I honestly feel that I must have gotten a bad batch as it shouldn't be so bad coming from such a famous upper middle to high-end brand. Very disappointing all in all and not one I'd go out to buy given there's so many great cleansers on the market.
I love this cleanser! I have oily combination skin and sometimes I find that foaming cleansers can dry skin out which leads me to get more breakouts. This one however does not do that! It removes makeup and cleanses the face clean. It does not leave your skin feeling tight or dry.
I recommend this cleanser for people with normal to oily skin. As my skin-care regime improved, my skin is definitely considered more normal so this product works great for me. I put a little bit of the cleanser in my hands, rub it between my fingers to get it foamy, and then apply to my face. It is SO gentle on the skin and removes even the most stubborn makeup (e.g. Estee Lauders thick foundations!)  and most importantly - doesn't irritate my eyes! I also am in love with the scent - it's almost botanical and floral.
Initially, I wanted to get the philosophy purity cleanser (the one in a round bottle) but it was sold out so I got this gel one instead and it was the best decision I ever made.  PACKAGING: The product comes in a squeezy yellow transparent tube like this so it's very easy to control the amount of product you want to get and also easy to see how much product you have left. It's also very hygienic. TEXTURE: it's a gel texture but foam up really nicely. I usually get a pea-sized amount and rub it between my hands or if I'm lazy I just use the foam maker (from daiso) and it creates a generous amount of foam enough to cover you face. The foam is really nice like it has some density and doesn't disappear immediately SCENT: it has a light herbal scent which is very relaxing. PERFORMANCE: it's a great cleanser for my combination skin. It keeps my face clean and fresh without feeling dry. It's very gentle and doesn't irritate the eye area. In terms of removing makeup, if you only wear light makeup like sunscreen and concealer you can get away with just using this product but if you wear full face of makeup like foundation, eyeliner etc I suggest to use an oil cleanser first and then use the philosophy gel cleanser as a second step to remove any residue. PROs: -hygienic, easy to control packaging  -foam up nicely  -doesn't dry out the skin  -removes dirt and light makeup  -pleasant scent -gentle  -affordable CONS: -may need to use a cleansing oil/balm beforehand if you wear full face/heavy makeup