Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser

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Remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser. Formulated with natural oil extracts to hydrate skin, this emulsifying cleanser gently dissolves makeup and pore-clogging impurities.

Price above is for 240mL. Also available in 90mL and 480mL.


Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser


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Gentle and super hydrating cleanser!

I received a small sample of this product in a beauty pack and it had me hooked instantly! My skin felt dreamy soft after using it, without that oily silicone texture. It's a gentle cleanser that doesn't set off my sensitive skin and great to use in Winter when your skin might be feeling a little drier than usual!
I have two teenage daughters who were looking for advice on a good face cleanser. Usually they take Mom’s advice with a grain of salt and even sometimes with a .  So, I bought them this cleanser from Philosophy and they both agreed that it made their face feel incredibly clean without stripping their pores.  I guess Mom was right on this one....
What took me so long to discover Philosophy? The 3 in 1 cleanser is amazing on my combination sensitive skin. It cleanses really well, doesn’t clog my pores and there is no greasy residue left on my face unlike so many out there. A small a small amount goes a long way, and it works really well with my Foreo device. There doesn’t seem to be any fragrance which is how I like my cleansers.  The price is a bit much but it’s worth every cent. 
I wanted to love this cult cleanser so bad! The Philosophy Purity 3 in 1 cleanser, was a miss for my combination and occasional sensitive skin. I found this product stripped my skin and led to patches of dryness which leaned toward a contact dermatitis. I found it didn't clean makeup off my face as thoroughly as I would have expected from the product's premise. I would sample this one before committing to a full size. On a plus it does have a lovely fresh scent.
This is a wonderful cleanser to use when you have a face full of makeup as it takes everything off with ease! I used this cleanser after a big night out and I had so much makeup on I was worried how well this would work.  I poured the size of a 25 cent coin onto my hand, mixed in some water and rubbed my hands together.  The cleanser started to foam up right away which I liked and I proceeded to wash my face with it.  I used it on my face, my lips and my eyes which had tons of eyeshadow, eyeliner and waterproof mascara.  After my first wash I could see that the majority of my makeup was gone which was pretty impressive.  I followed it up by using my Clarisonic and added the cleanser for phase two of my cleansing routine.  In conjunction with my Clarisonic it helped remove every last bit of my makeup.  My face felt really clean and fresh without feeling tight or dry.
I got this cleanser as a birthday gift and I loved it so much. It removes my makeup well and is gentle on my skin. I have dry skin and this cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin, instead My skin feels hydrated and refreshing after use. I use it with my clarisonic for a deeper cleanse.
I used to absolutely love this cleanser. I currently have oily skin, but when my skin was more on the normal side this was my go to cleanser. It always made my skin feel fresh and clean, especially when using it with my clarisonic. I loved the way it smelt, it was a fresh scent that smelt natural and not fragranced. It was a simple cleanser that didn't do much besides clean the skin, which is all I needed it to do.
The Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 cleanser has a cult following so of course I had to try it and it left me pleasantly surprised. The cleanser comes in a see-through milky white bottle with a flip-top lid for dispensing. The bottle has a minimalist, laid back feel with everything written in lower case letters. The cleanser is marketed to cleanse, tone, and dissolve makeup all in one product. The cleanser is pale buttercream yellow, with a lightweight creamy consistency and is fragrance free. I dampen my face with water and take about a 10 cent amount of cleanser and massage it gently all over my face, including around my eye area for about a minute. The cleanser doesn't foam up but gives my fingers the slip it needs to work the cleanser on my skin, breaking down and dissolving dirt, oil makeup. Once the cleanser is rinsed off, my face feels fresh, clean and soothed. It takes off my makeup, dirt and grime, without irritating or drying out my skin. Its gentle enough for my eye area and since its pH balanced, it preps my skin for serums and moisturiser without the need for a toner. I love how convenient and easy it is to use this cleanser. Its gentle, soothing 3-in-1 formula is fantastic for me personally because I don't have to bother with 3 separate products to remove makeup, cleanse and tone my skin. Pro  3-in-1 cleanser  dissolves makeup, dirt & grime pH balanced  gentle  fragrance-free  soothing  Con  ---
I used this cleanser when I was younger and just getting into skincare. Its a lovely creamy formula that is gentle on the skin, removes makeup, and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. While I liked it, I didn't think there was anything special about it. I didn't repurchase as to be honest I found that a no frills cleanser like cetaphil did essentially the same thing. But if you are willing to part with the extra cash, this is a great one for all skin types. You can't really go wrong!
Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser is a wonderfully creamy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. Its gentle, fragrance-free formula makes it a particularly great option if you have sensitive skin, or skin that needs some TLC. It claims to cleanse, tone and melt away makeup while leaving the skin hydrated, and I think that this is true. While I have used this alone to remove makeup, I prefer to use this at night as my second cleanse to ensure that all traces of makeup have been removed, as well as to soothe and treat my skin. I find that a 10cent piece amount is more than enough to do my face. It doesn’t lather or foam, which is one of the reasons why it isn’t drying to the skin. The packaging is great too-the plastic bottle with the flip top makes it easy to handle and use in the shower, and the simple, unisex design makes it appealing to myself and my husband. While this is on the pricier side for a cleanser, I do believe you a getting your money’s worth. I also appreciate that it is available to buy in a variety of sizes (90, 240 and 480ml), so you have a variety of options to trial the product. Two thumbs up!
This cleanser is one of my all-time favourites, and that's saying a lot given the enormous number of cleansers I've purchased/sampled and used in my quest for The One - no mean feat given my super oily, blemish-prone skin which can switch to dry and flaky if it doesn't like an ingredient or product. It's a creme-gel consistency cleanser, so it's gentle on the skin, whilst still being able to remove makeup (including mascara). It leaves skin feeling really clean, soft and smooth, and helps keep blemishes at bay. Also you only need a small amount, so even if you splurge and spend $40+ for a large bottle, it will last months and months, so it actually works out to be very good value - and it works!
Philosophy's Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser is one of those cult products you keep hearing about, so I had to give it a try! I should start by saying I have oil-combination skin, but honestly, this cleanser is gentle enough that it would be suitable for all skin types. The liquid cleanser has a very light and creamy consistency which is absolutely lovely. There's a slight scent (bit citrus-y), though nothing overpowering or anything.  I was quite surprised that the cleanser wasn't very foamy, but it definitely did its job! The cleanser was very gentle on my skin (so it's great for sensitive skin), and yet was still able to remove all my makeup in one wash (even the waterproof mascara!).  Unlike with most cleansers, I wasn't left with tight-feeling skin afterwards - my face just felt very fresh and clean! My skin was definitely hydrated, and it felt very nice and smooth! My only problem with this problem is the lid! The press-top lid that came with mine is a bit annoying to use - I'd much rather the flip-top lids which are a bit more secure, especially if you're popping this into your toiletries bag! Other than that, an absolutely fabulous product! I've become so obsessed with this cleanser I've even started hoarding the mini versions (30mls) so I can take them with me when I'm traveling!
I stumbled upon this little gem in my constant quest of finding “The Cleanser”. I had previously dipped my toes into the philosophy range, trying Hope in a jar, so I thought I would try this. The 3in 1 cleanser is great, it takes everything off with easy, even stubborn mascara. Considering I also have the La Mer cleanser on the go as well actually proved this to be a better cleanser at a third of the price. With this cleanser all my make up came off and it left my skin with out the tight feeling you often get, and I didn’t feel the need to double cleanse unlike the La Mer which in itself is another plus that it last longer, as a little goes along way. This will definitely be a repurchase and has enticed me even further to expand my Philosophy testing  The only reason  this didn’t get a 5 star was the packaging, I do find getting the right amount of product hard and fiddly but for a cleanser this good and I find the price very reasonable I can look past it
I tried a tester of this cleanser and it has a very strong alcohol smell in my bottle. I am not sure if it is just mine or they all smell very strong. However, despite of the smell, the cleanser is amazing. I could feel the purify function of the cleanser after using it. My face feels very smooth and cleaned which is what I want after a day full of make up. I highly recommend this cleanser if you do not mind the smell of the cleanser!
I love the philosophy brand and i adore this clever 3 in 1 cleanser for great results and saving time. this product cleans all traces of dirt, grime and makeup, then tones and moisturises all in one simple step, genius. You only need a small amount for a great lather and it rinses away easily with warm water to leave skin radiant, super clean, fresh and hydrated. At a great price of $30.00 and because a little goes a long way this is great value for money. gentle and pure with a creamy consistency this is a delight to use and wont dry the skin. I would highly recommend this
This cleanser is truly amazing cleanser! doing such a simple thing, but doing it so damn well! You can use this on both your eye make up and the rest of your face. It is so light and foams a little bit and doesn't have a fragrance, making it super gentle on the skin. It is simple, but does such a good job at removing your make up without drying your skin out or making your feel really uncomfortable after you have cleansed. I tend to remove my eye make up before I cleanse, so I can get my face super clean, but when I travelled I did try this on my whole face and found that it did make it easy to remove waterproof eye make up as well, which is always a bonus! It is gentle on the skin and does irritate sensitive skin. It feels hydrating and makes it sooooo easy to clean your face! Highly recommend this to everyone!
Got to love this product, it certainly lives up to its name.  It is so incredibly soft, gentle and Pure and wonderfully refreshing, it doesn't dry out my skin whatsoever like other cleanses can.  It removes dirt and impurities perfectly, it also has a subtle fresh scent.  Long life Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser!
While I didn't mind this cleanser, I didn't love it.  The teenage version of myself would have loved it and that's what I thought each time I used it - My teenage daughter would love this! But the now (nearly 40) version of myself just needs more from a cleanser.  My skin is normal, but just one wrong cleanse away from dry.  For me, this cleanser treads too close for comfort to that fine line between normal and dry.  The lure of a 3-in-1 makeup remover that cleanses and tones was tempting and worth a shot, but the truth is that my Micellar water followed by cleansing balm and hydrating toner is necessary and non-negotiable.  I passed this on to my teenage daughter and, just as I thought, she loves it!  The packaging is really cute - a genius combo of whimsy and sophistication that appeals to ladies of any age.  But as for contents, this product definitely hit the mark with the younger end of the spectrum.
The Philosophy Purity Cleanser is a cleanser with a creamy consistency that is formulated to remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin gently but effectively.  Does it make good on its claims? Absolutely. I really love so much about this cleanser. Firstly, I enjoyed the mild clean scent and the thick creamy consistency. Only a small amount is required for a full cleanse- approximately a macadamia nut sized amount and although this cleanser doesn't foam like many do, it was still very effective at removing most makeup without leaving your skin thirsty for moisture afterwards or causing irritation.  I did have a little trouble trying to remove all of my stubborn eye makeup with the cleanser alone on the first go, so I will continue to use my oil cleanser to double cleanse first, but still I am really happy with the work that it does.  Afterwards my skin feels really lovely and balanced , soft and supple. Definitely worthy of a repurchase.
This removes ALL of my make up with ease! I received the product as a sample and I was blown away I immediately brought myself a bottle of it. I've never had a product take off all my make up so gently but effectively! Holy grail!!