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QV Skincare Intensive Moisturising Cleanser

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For dry and sensitive skin. Enriched with moisturisers, this cleanser is perfect for extremely dry and sensitive skin. The non-foaming, soap-free formulation gently cleanses and softens the skin skin, leaving it with a hydrating barrier that protects against further moisture loss.

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QV Skincare Intensive Moisturising Cleanser


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Soothing cleanser

QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser is a permanent fixture in our shower. This mild cleanser which is so gentle on the skin is our everyday body wash of choice, particularly for hubby who has extremely dry, sensitive skin. We have tried other brands of soap free products but we return to QV because it gives better results in regards to soothing and cleaning the skin at the same time. I use this cleanser although I can basically use any product because I don’t have dry or sensitive skin. I think the Intensive Moisturising Cleanser has a creamy lightweight consistency which lathers quite well and feels like it thoroughly cleans while at the same time it provides a barrier to stop the skin from further drying out.