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shu uemura ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil

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shu uemura ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil is a cleansing oil with a cashmere texture that delicately lifts the toughest makeup and impurities off skin and awakens and revitalises skin cells for a perfect canvas. The formula is enriched with the essence of eight botanical oils carefully sourced from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world. Skin is left feeling soft, conditioned, hydrated, nourished from within and glows with a new radiance.

Price above is for 450mL. Also available in 150mL.


shu uemura ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil


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Shu Uemura was the brand that first started the cleansing oil craze around 50 years ago, so it's only fitting that one of the best cleansing oils I've tried comes from them.  This cleansing oil contains a mix of plant based oils like corn germ oil and meadowfoam seed oil, and surfactants (molecules that attract both water and oil for easier cleansing) that contain glycerin molecules so that means the cleansing oil is really hydrating as well as cleansing. All Shu Uemura cleansing oils comes with convenient pump bottles but while this is good for at home use, they generally aren't really travel friendly as you can risk inadvertently pushing down the pump with other items in your luggage. The texture of the oil is thick which means its super easy to apply, but not thin enough that it just drips everywhere before you are given the chance to work it into your skin. The oil seems to melt away beautifully as you work it into your skin with the warmth of your fingers. It really does dissolve away makeup and residue so easily and quickly and without too much rubbing either. The issue of rinsing off a cleansing oil and leaving an unattractive residue doesn't apply to this oil, it washes away really cleanly and doesn't leave much of an oily layer on the skin at all. This is due to the surfactants in the formula that allow it to dissolve oil based makeup and dirt yet can be washed away by water.  Afterwards, my skin feels beautifully soft and smooth, almost to the point where I feel I don't need to use a serum afterwards! Usually, I perform a second cleanse after using cleansing oils, but the formula of this cleansing oil means I feel like I don't have to, and it cleans my skin so well that I can skip my second cleansing step.  While the listed price might scare you, this product can be bought in a 150ml size for $65 which is more affordable to purchase than the 450ml size. Overall, this has become a solid favourite in my skincare routine.
This is one of those purchases that I made on a whim and it turned into a great investment. Cleansing with oil sounds weird. It just does. Especially to someone like me who can be prone to break outs. But this product is wonderful. I rinse my face with water in the evening to loosen my eye makeup and remove the excess. Then I pat it dry, and rub in a pump or two of this around my face and eyes. You can literally see the makeup melting off and then I rinse with water. My skin actually loves this stuff.
I have been using the Ultime8 sublime cleansing oil as my daily evening cleanser to remove heavy and even waterproof makeup. As someone with oily-combination skin, I was a little sceptical about using cleansing oils, but it has worked wonderfully for me. The cleansing oil comes in a plastic pump bottle, which is great because you don't need to fiddle around with a lid, or pour out a certain amount, or worry about keeping the product clean. It is also super convenient to pour out into a smaller container when travelling.  I love how easy it is to use. It has a silky consistency, light and not greasy on the skin. It also smells lovely, not too 'sweet' like other cleansers. I just pump 1-2 pumps onto my hand, and then spread it directly onto my face without needing to wet my face first. I have found it's best to use the product on my eyes first to remove the mascara and eyeliner (if you use these), and then move onto my forehead, cheeks, and rest of my face. After this, I rinse my face with water, and the product turns from oil into a milkier consistency, which washes off easily. There is no need to 'rub' very hard at all.  With this one product I can remove all my makeup and cleanse the impurities off my skin, without leaving my skin feeling dry or irritated. My skin feels clean, soft, and gently hydrated after.  Whilst it is a bit of a splurge, it is well worth it. Using this oil saves time because I don't need to use micellar water, or double cleanse. It is also gentler on my skin because I don't need to rub my skin very hard, or use face wipes across my skin everyday. Also, as a bonus, because I only use it in the evenings and use my regular cleanser in the mornings, the product lasts me a long time!
My absolutely favourite cleanser, I use this everyday for a simple, quick and effective cleansing routine. If you use a lot of long-wearing makeup and/or waterproof eyeliner and mascara then your search for the perfect cleanser stops here! I have used this for years and it is still my go-to for removing all traces of makeup. It is easy to use, and in a hygienic pump dispenser bottle. Despite being an “oil” it doesn’t feel greasy or leave behind oily residue. I apply to my face, then use a bit of water to emulsify the product, then rinse off. There’s no rubbing or harsh scrubbing required, and no need to double cleanse (or use a separate cleanser for eye makeup!). It removes all makeup without stripping the skin or being too harsh, and it contains ingredients which are nourishing and gentle.  PROs: - Effective: Removes all makeup including waterproof/long wearing in a single step - Packaging: Easy to use and hygienic dispenser pump - Value for Money: Despite being pricier than other cleansers, you only need to use a  small amount to cleanse the whole face, so a bottle actually lasts a very long time. There is also no need to use a separate eye makeup remover.  - Gentle on the skin: Being an oil, it is able to dissolve makeup better than “traditional cleansers” so it is kind to the skin. After cleansing, skin feels soft, nourished and hydrated. CONs: - Packaging isn’t suited to travel (pump may leak). However, I dispense the product into smaller twist top travel bottles so that I can still travel with it!