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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne is a cleanser for acne-prone skin. It contains antibacterial pure tea tree oil to remove makeup and other impurities while chamomile soothes redness. The formula is pH-balanced and free from soap, benzoyl peroxide, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic parabens, propylene glyol, lauryl sulphates and animal-derived ingredients.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants and cruelty free.


Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne


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Holy grail for anyone dealing with breakouts and wanting the extra kick. When I use this in the shower I like to leave this on for a few seconds as a quick "mask" then wash it off after and I feel like it does do a good job as drying out active pimples But be warned though it does dry out my skin and I HAVE to use a moisturiser after, I only use this product a few times a week because of this but I highly recommend anyone with acne owning Tea Tree products.
This is a foam cleanser, the packaing and pump are easy to use, it doesn't dispense more product than you need it to! It smells strongly of Tea Tree Oil and dried my skin out! I didn't get super red after using it and my skin even looked clean (but drier) after about half an hour I was definitely more oilier than usual! You need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I like the cooling sensation is leaves on your skin for a short time, but I didn't find it overly helped with any pimple situations going on, in saying that.. pure Tea Tree Oil doesn't help me much either! I would recommend for anyone wanting a gentle cooling cleanser and my sensitive skin tolerated it fine! Patch test always with essential oils! This is not suitable for taking off makeup especially eye in my experience!
This product smells super fresh and clean... a very strong scent of Tea Tree oil Unfortunately this dried my skin out. I ended up using this 2 times a week to balance my skins moisture levels. I like that it is a foam and you control the amount that comes out with the pump. I felt quite clean after using this cleanser, but not 100% clean. I do have typically sensitive skin so was a bit bummed after trialling this product.  It's super affordable, so I am pleased with the price point.
I loved using this product as it felt/smelt almost medicinal which, immediately made you think it had less/no nasties and wouldn't be harmful to your skin. My skin type is combination/sensitive which is a hard skin type to have as often products are far too harsh. But, this one is a winner. It's not harsh and does not irritate my skin. I use it in the shower in the morning and my skin is left feeling fresh and ready for my day. I really like that it foams as well, it really lathers nicely. Do not buy if you do not like tea tree oil scent as it definitely smells like tea tree oil.
This is a great facial wash for those of us who suffer from oily and acne prone skin.  Tea tree oil itself is anti bacterial which makes it great for combating those pesky breakouts and getting rid of excess oil.  The facial wash is lightweight yet foams nicely so you feel like it's properly cleansing your face.  What I liked the most was that it wouldn't dry out my skin so it didn't cause any irritation or sensitivities.  It's a great alternative if you want to avoid ingredients like benzoyl peroxide which can really dry out your skin.