Tom Ford

Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil

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Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil is a conditioning cleansing oil that uses a combination of nutrient-rich natural oils to cleanse and detoxify skin without disrupting its moisture barrier. It removes makeup, damaging impurities and environmental toxins, while refreshing the skin, preparing it for moisturiser. Use morning and evening.


Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil


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I am a huge fan of oil cleansers, and this one from Tom Ford is the sexiest, most sophisticated luxury item in my skincare routine.  I first tried oil cleansers a few years ago, and as apprehensive as I was because of my combination skin , I haven't looked back. Of all of the ones I have tried, the Tom Ford Purifying Oil Cleanser is my absolute favourite.  The cleansing oil comes in a beautiful frosted glass pump bottle. It was the luxurious look of this item that caught my attention, and as extravagant as I believed it to be, I knew I had to have it. The oil itself feels velvety soft, and smells divine- a slightly sweet, earthy scent. I use 2 pumps of this and slowly massage it into my dry face, close my eyes and imagine I'm Audrey Hepburn, whilst the cleansing oil gets out to work and completely dissolves even the most stubborn of my waterproof mascara and helps to remove impurities. I then use a little water to emulsify the oil, which then creates a milky texture, before completely rinsing off, leaving you with silky soft clean and refreshed feeling skin without any uncomfortable oily residues and without irritation. Usually with oil cleansers I feel the need to double cleanse and usually follow an oil cleanser with a gel/ foaming one- but I feel that it is not required when using this, even though the formula still feels gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive of skins  Pros: - Plenty of beautiful botanical ingredients to boast about. - Convenient and practical pump bottle. - Removes even the most stubborn of makeup, whilst remaining gentle enough to use on sensitive skin types. Cons: - Definitely a luxury item as the price suggests. I really enjoy using the Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil everyday. It is that little luxury in my routine that makes me feel like the elegant, sophisticated and classy woman that I am, and that I believe should be celebrated. Yes, it is  indulgent, but I like to think I'm worth it.