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Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm is a natural cleansing balm for removing long-lasting and waterproof makeup. The balm contains a blend of pure plant oils that work to melt makeup and dissolve impurities on contact with the skin for a deep cleanse that leaves skin feeling supple and smooth. The balm comes with a sustainably produced, bleach-free organic cotton wash cloth that can be used in combination with the balm for best results. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, non- GMO, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, and supports ethical trade practices. 


Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm


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Cleansing oils and balms are my go to for removing make-up.  I have said goodbye to most cleansing wipes - usually too drying for my skin; I use micellar water but need to be selective, as some are too harsh. With cleansing balm there is no such angst - it is deeply cleansing, soothing and protective and the Trilogy Makeup-be-Gone balm is one of my favourites. I like the scent of this balm, especially the slight overtones of mango. Everyone has their own little ritual in removing make-up. In my case I run warm water onto the cleansing cloth that comes with it while I scoop out a small amount of balm with a palette stick. The balm is quite firm so you need something firm to take it out. I warm it between my fingers then gradually start to smooth and massage into my face. I take a little warm water and keep rubbing to emulsify the balm, which it does quite nicely (perhaps not as much as some others I've  used). By this time the face cloth is nice and warm, so I can go ahead and wipe the balm off. The warm cloth is soothing and relaxing at night and removes the balm easily. I then follow with toner so I feel totally clean. The end result after the massage is a glowing, soft and almost matte complexion. Make-up Be Gone means ALL make-up, even eye make-up, and I have used it on my eyes with no issue, but having sensitive eyes I do prefer a dedicated eye make-up remover. I would never use the small cloth to remove eye- makeup - just simple cotton pads so I can keep my face cloth as clean as my face. There is no issue with tautness or dryness after cleansing, making this balm a perfect choice for someone with dry or mature skin like myself. Another Trilogy product with a thumbs-up from me.
This balm comes with its own small cleansing towel which is a bonus. I love the scent of this product. The lovely fragrance just makes the experience of removing my makeup luxurious and calming at the end of a busy day. It is creamy and melts all the makeup. It is very thick and you need to make sure you only use a tiny bit each time otherwise you will find it hard to rinse it off. It does not rinse off completely and leaves a film so that is why you need the cloth to aid in removing it from your face. You need to wipe off the residue .  It leaves my face clean and soft .  Great for people who enjoy double cleansing or for people who wear makeup and want to use a makeup remover . this gentle and incredibly rich and perfect for dry skin.
I love Trilogy products and this is a wonderful natural cleansing balm. It smells beautiful, with a slight hint of herbal coconut mix. The balm is oily, as it's supposed to be, and feels calm and soothing in my skin. It is solid but once you take some out, it melts quickly within my fingers. It comes with a small muslin cloth and you just scoop some balm with your fingers and smooth it all over your face.  When you are applying the balm, it's a nice idea to give yourself a gentle massage which helps you relax and smooth away all the day's tension. Once you're done applying, just wipe off with the cloth. I like to use a toner to wipe off any remaining product. After using this balm,my skin feels soft and so touchable. This balm is perfect for all over the face, including the eyes, and it didn't irritate or pull on my skin. It just felt good.  Pros: All natural  Long lasting Cleans and refreshes the skin Cons: Use it fresh as soon as you buy it, because it can go a bit funky-oily-smell if it gets old Hint: Use this balm on your neck also and massage your neck gently to improve circulation and to help tone the skin Recommendation: This is an affordable natural cleansing balm for daily use to cleanse and remove the daily grime.
I have read all the reviews here for this cleansing balm. Unfortunately mine would be the first negative review for this product, despite how much I like the brand itself. Background: I have been using cleansing oil for years and have purchased this Trilogy cleansing balm due to the positive reviews here and the general "hype" in the social media. Packaging: solid balm in a jar. I found it quite unhygienic to dig my finger(s) into the balm so I ended up using a dedicated spoon to scoop the product out everytime, which is a bit inconvenient. Dose: I follow the recommended dose of 1/4 tsp each use (1.25mL) which means one jar is good for about 60 uses (2 months). The recommended dose is fine for light makeup (tinted moisturiser) removal. I found I need a lot more, almost double, if I do a full face makeup with contour, eyeliner, lipstick etc. Texture and fragrance: waxy solid but melts on the skin upon massaging, I usually do it for a minute or two. If I wear heavier makeup the "balm" would actually change to a brown-ish colour with all the dissolved makeup in it. The fragrance is subtle and enjoyable. "Make-up be gone?": the balm does quite a decent job in cleaning the base off my face. However, the balm does not thoroughly clean off non-smudge mascara nor long-last liquid formula lipstick. To be fair, the mascara I use is quite difficult to remove, but it can be removed with micellar water. The lipstick however, is not as tricky to remove. I was disappointed that the cleansing balm only removed part of it even with repeated massaging. The cloth: there is a cotton cloth that comes with the balm and I am supposed to use the cloth to remove the balm from my face. Without the cloth, the balm would not come off just by rinsing skin under water. The balm comes off my face quite efficiently when I wipe my face with the cloth and warm water. HOWERVER, the balm and the makeup residue stays on the cloth and it is impossible to rinse them off the cloth under just water. This is particularly bad if I use a tubing mascara, the bits that manage to come off (black particles) are left embedded inside the cloth. The cloth also literally turns brown if I have worn heavier makeup. The only way to remove the sticky (balm)/coloured (makeup) residue is to wash the cloth with soap or put it into the washing machine. This is hugely inconvenient and annoying, and have added so much more work to my nightly skincare regime. Compared to my usual cleansing oil regime (which dissolves all makeup and emulsifies completely under water), using this cleansing balm is a real hassle. Residue left on skin: my skin feels quite clean and with minimal residue after cleaning with the cloth and warm water for approximately THREE times. Double cleansing (with another cleanser) is optional but not strictly necessary. My skin feels moisturised and nourished even if I do not put on any moisturiser straight away. However, if I use a cotton pad afterwards I can still see traces of yellow coming off my face - and I am not sure whether that's the balm residue or the makeup residue. So for days when I prefer an absolutely clean face I follow up with my usual gel cleanser after the cleansing balm. Overall: not an efficient makeup remover, a hassle to deal with the dirty cloth after each makeup removal, the balm itself is gentle on skin but not worth the inconvenience.
I fairly recently (as far as for how long these types of products have been available) discovered balm cleansers,and for my drier / maturing skin,they are a Godsend....and here's why. This offering from Trilogy (yep,the one and the same who gave us that unattractively scented,but wonderful results giving Rosehip oil) is great for giving your skin some TLC,whilst also effectively removing both makeup (even pesky waterproof / longwear varieties) and general day to day grime from your pores.But why a balm formula,and will it suit me ? The great thing about a balm is that it does not foam at is very different to any cleanser you have tried before,and it takes a little getting used to,so there is no drying effect to the skin (so even oilier skins can give this a go.By not stripping the skin,it does not react by producing more sebum to counteract that,therefore you may just find that a balm helps to create an equilibrium within your skin),and for we drier skinned beauties,well....your skin will never have felt more nourished ,silky and cared for.The blend of rosehip / mango and coconut oils join forces to make up this rich,rich,almost  "solid oil" textured,almost creamy white coloured cleanser that you emulsify between your hands prior to applying to your face and neck with attention being paid to any "hard to shift" makeup,after which you take the included cloth (which has been moistened first in warm water),and sweep it over your skin....taking the balm AND the day away with it.What you are left with is a skin that glows (no,not in a "so greasy you could fry chips on it" way),feels cleansed and soft as satin to touch (i couldn't stop touching my face).Anything else you should know about it ? Pros / cons? Well, perhaps this may help: PROS: Non foaming / non drying...a win for skin texture and homeostasis for all skin types really does take everything off (even that mascara you thought you removed YESTERDAY) Texture of feels amazing to touch and literally melts on contact with skin,so you are more likely to WANT to cleanse with this. under $40 for a large 80ml jar,and considering how much you need to get the job done (take about a 20c piece sized amount),this is a bargain that will see you through until next season,even with - Multitasking....use as a hand and foot treatment,use to smooth rough elbows and knees,use as a lipbalm AND use to tame flyaway hairs before stepping out into the upcoming cold winter winds.Seriously,i could go on,BUT what are the cons ? CONS: The isn't pretty in any way.It smells very,very earthy (like the rosehip oil),and as someone who has used another brand of cleansing balm (that i love),i want such a product to have that added sensory experience of a beautiful scent. The formula....what makes this beautiful to use also makes it something you need to take care of.Keep it in the fridge during summer,or else face seeing it in it's pure liquid form that WILL leak everywhere. So there you have it,all you need to get started on a cleanser that will change what you think about how you take the day off from your face. TIP:Get thinking outside the box for ways to use this apart from cleansing,and for who can use it:Got a bub ? Nappy area care right here.Got a hubby ? Post shave moisturiser that will ease any razorburn feel.Got a faux tan you need to apply ? Get this onto those areas that grab tan (heels/elbows etc) before you start to prevent that happening.
I quite liked this product. It is very thick and I found it a bit tough to take off completely, I think this product would suit mature or dry skin more. It did melt beautifully though which made removing stubborn makeup easily. If you're one that enjoys using these types of cleaners I think it's definitely one to try.
This is a super effective way to cleanse skin, well done trilogy. I adore this brand and this gentle cleansing balm will remove even the toughest of makeup including waterproof mascara with ease. It’s easy to use, the consistency is quite thick and you simply massage it into your face to remove makeup and grime. The organic cotton wash cloth it comes with is perfect for removing the balm with warm water. After using this my skin feels so smooth and clean and looks radiant and refreshed. It’s great value as I don’t need to use a lot and does not irritate sensitive skin. This is also quite a hydrating product, my skin never feels really dry after use like it can with some cleansers.i loved this and would recommend it
Trilogy's Cleansing Balm is a beautiful cleanser, especially for the more mature lady, or those with really dry skin. It's such a thick consistency but warms up on contact with your skin, so massaging the balm into your face becomes easier. I massage the balm into my face for a couple of minutes, concentrating on the areas with the most makeup; cheeks, eyes. This isn't the type of mask that you can just rinse off, instead, a cleansing cloth or muslin cloth dampened in warm water is perfect to remove the cleanser. Gently wipe cleansing balm from face and be left with a lovely, smooth, clean, hydrated face. Just want to also say that I use this cleansing balm all over my face including the eye area and I've never had any negative reactions to the eyes.