Rachael Finch’s controversial bath time ritual for detoxifying and alkalising

Rachel Finch’s Controversial Bath Time Ritual For Detoxifying And Alkalising

The wellness blogger swears by this natural remedy

Marie Claire marie claire & InStyle Senior Digital Beauty And Lifestyle Editor / June 26 2019

Former Miss Universe Australia and Body By Finch founder Rachael Finch has just flown into Sydney from Los Angeles where she is expanding her wellness empire. The 30-year-old shared her bizarre post-flight ritual - taking fans through a thirty-minute detoxification bath to fight the effects of radiation from the plane.

So we got off the plane not long ago. And I'm just going to soak in a bath with some bicarb soda and some sea salt,” Rachael shared with her 272k Instagram followers. “This will neutralise any effect of the radiation we got while flying. It's also incredible for detoxification and to help alkalise,” she added.

“I'm also adding a couple of drops of lemon essential oils as well. So you want to add two cups of the salt and two cups of the bicarb soda as well.”

If you didn’t realise that flying exposes you to radiation - you’re probably not alone.  The major source of radiation exposure from air travel comes from the flight itself. This is because at high altitude the air gets thinner.

As explained via The Conversation: “The farther you go from the Earth’s surface, the fewer molecules of gas there are per volume of space. Thinner air thus means fewer molecules to deflect incoming cosmic rays – radiation from outer space. With less atmospheric shielding, there is more exposure to radiation.”

To put this into context, the exposure from a single long-haul flight is comparable to an x-ray.

However, there’s minimal science-backed research to suggest that Rachael’s natural remedy will negate radiation exposure. Though, a quick google search of the remedy returns dozens of pages dedicated to this very subject.

Regardless, adding bicarb soda and some sea salt to your bath won’t do any harm so there’s no reason not to try Rachael’s bath time ritual - just make sure it’s for relaxation purposes only.

If you're looking for more wellness trips for travel, Rachael Finch has also shared how she maintain a healthy diet while travelling.

Would you try a post-travel detoxification bath yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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